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Hi All, Am new to this community although been with HealthUnlocked since 2014. 1986 I had a partial hysterectomy and bladder prolapse. The doctors drilled holes in my pelvis and hyked up my bladder. I had the partial hysterectomy due to severe bleeding and pain during my periods. I understand what little posts I've read. Post-op I had a lot of problems urinating and after 5 days inpatient I went home with a catheter. I was miserable, in 1 week I went through 3 reinserts of new catheters. Finally the doctor said "no more", my body was rejecting all the catheters. So I had to relearn to urinate. Only problem there, every time I sat on the toilet I wouldn't, couldn't go. But if I stood I like a man I could go. Whee! It took me weeks to be able to reteach my body to pee like a lady again. Back then all the GYN doctors were men, my doctor use to tease me say "well I stand to pee all the time!" I simply said you're suppose to you're a MAN!

In 2013 my bladder and rectum prolapsed again. I had surgery again to put them in the correct place. The doctor said that I wouldn't be able to go through that anymore.

In July of this year, I had a transvaginal ultrasound/probe. And my PCP refered me to a GYN surgeon with bilateral complicated ovarian cysts. The surgeon did a CA-125 blood test and it came back negative. (marker test for tumors). She wanted me to wait 8 weeks to "see" if it would disappear on its own. Tuesday morning I had another TVU/P. She called me this morning herself. Been a long time since the "doctor" actually talked to me personally.

So now (since being post menopausal) she suggested having a bilaterial Salpingo-Oophorectomy. Something new though, She want to do it Robotically. Wow never heard of That!. Same day surgery and 2-3 weeks recovery instead of 8-10 weeks. That's my story up to now. Since this site is marvelous in support with other issues I decided to join. Thanks for listening, Krazy-girl

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Wow that's a lot shorter recovery time! Be really interesting to see how it goes! Xxxx


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