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Painful to wee

Hello all

Can anyone help I'm 16 days post vaginal hystorectomy I spent 5 days in hospital and was discharged with a catheter. I've had the catheter out 6 days now. I've had 2 lots of antibiotics for water infection, it still hurts me to wee and my flow is very slow compared to normal and I feel pressure in my bladder when I wee. Has anyone else had this problem ? I had a TVT sling 6 years ago if this has any bearing.

Your replies will be appreciated thanks in advance .

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I had a lot of bladder issues maybe not same as yours exactly but found hot water bottle best thing and flow will be weaker when your still so swollen up. Try double voiding to and move around a bit when weeing reposition yourself helps too. Dunno they might be super obvious things you've tried already.😊Also hot water with lemon juice in first thing in the morning or cider vinegar in hot water occasionally in the day helpful. Nettle tea or corn silk tea .


Thanks for advice I will take it on board . I'm no better in fact I'm now on the 3rd lot of antibiotics!

Miserable but thanks for reply


I just finally had my follow up gyne appointment yesterday I'm 4 months on have had 4 lots of abx bladdder been awful got phone call yesterday to say I have unusual resistant infection so am on different abx now as have felt the same after ever lot of abx . Also gotta have granulation removed under GA and gyne worried there may be a stitch left in my bladder causing infection so having cytoscopy under general too on the 10th.

Not saying at all that you may have similar but just passing on my experience as I've had really good help on here and hearing other experiences has helped quite a bit👍 Hopeyou have ok weekend ⭐️


Thanks x

Sounds like you've been having a tough time of it hope they sort you out soon. You'll have to let me know how it goes x Hope you get sorted soon , let us know how you get on .

I think this site is really helpful too .


Yep hate keep telling my friend about stuff as it just goes on forever it's so boring I even bore myself with it if it wasn't so painful and unforgettable 😊 so it is nice to chat to people who are going through it now and really know what it's like and nice t see people intensively use these boards then disappear as think they must be getting better 💗💗💗💗


And at least now the weathers changing a hot water bottle on the back is now cozy ✅ 😄


Can i just ask are you managing to work with all this going on x


I'm self employed so have no choice I sleep on the floor frequently at work and am really just hanging on to my business just , my wages have more than halved but have to pay someone else to work if I'm not there 😣 Plus struggling now to pay work rent etc . But am lucky that I can go work in pajama s and do bare minimum and if I make a mistake I only tell myself off 👍worked at 3am til 5.40 am as just couldn't sleep .

How are you feeling today ? Have you been able to work prior to op ? ⭐️


I worked prior to my Op but have other health problems . My job is very physical and I'm already worrying about how long my recovery will take . I have a sick note for 6 weeks but don't think that I will be ready . I've promised myself I will get fully fit before I go back to work as there's no such thing as light duties in my line of work . I think I may of turned a corner last night I only got up 7 times for toilet and the discomfort is bearable. I haven't been out the house since leaving hospital . How on earth people go back to work at 4/6 weeks is beyond me. Maybe I'm just getting old . Good luck with your business I hope you too pick up soon x


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