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Womb Ablation a Success

I'm 48 and had my operation at the end of January. At my 8 week check up I told the consultant I was ready to have it all taken away as I was still getting sharp pains. Roll on 7 months and I have been signed off by the consultant. I do still have a period but it is that light I don't have to use any sanitary products and gone after 24 hours. I would recommend giving it a go if suggested to you.

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I had one and ended up in agony after with post ablation syndrome then had to have hysterectomy asap bleeding stopped but all the pains got a lot worse And have a lot more bowel and bladder issues since and some nerve damage even after hysterectomy i am in a lot of pain not sure what has happened and have read of other ladies with the same issues , I know I've been really unlucky but 3% of women end up with post ablation syndrome so just putting the other side but obviously a lot of ladies it helps but I wasn't told anything about post ablation syndrome before it so think there should be a bit more awareness of the risks beforehand .

Sorry don't want to write a negative post

Really glad it's worked well for you though and you have a good result πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ’—

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After 6 weeks I thought it had failed and was totally fed up. I was lucky because my consultant was very understanding and listened when I told him how I felt. I did wonder if I had post ablation syndrome. I've been reading some posts today about women who were still having problems after the hysterectomy. You would think that would put an end to your problems πŸ™ What I would say about having the procedure done is that the leaflet they send you prior to the operation is nothing like you experience. It must have been written by a man! I'm sorry things haven't gone as well for you as me and wish you well xx


Yey definitely it was sold to me like next day you absolutely fine and could have it in your lunch hour basically . I've given birth twice at home and was fine my pain threshold is pretty high but this has been horrendous .

I paid privately for pelvic physio and that's really helped me understand what's going on really I would recommend that if you do get any issues which hopefully you don't:)

Good wishes to you toπŸ˜„πŸ’—


I'm so sorry for youxare going through. My full hysterectomy is due on the 23rd of October.....I'm really getting anxious now....I am so glad I found this website but it's heart breaking to read some of tre stories. I cannot believe that so many women go through this and apart from the support we our selves arrange or find everything else is seems to be left to chance or the fact you might get a great surgeon or the surgery might go really well....I'm praying for everyone in here....you just stay in touch....honestly if we could all meet up....somewhere beautiful and just enjoy being with other people who understand it would be amazing.....

Can you tell me more about the pelvic physio?

Much love,



I payed for I privately but you can get referred on NHS but I am getting desperate for some change so just paid so I was doing something pro active πŸ’— in appointment checks your pelvic floor muscles are working how well and how they are working and explaining how they work, has made a lot of different with how I understand my pain and I understand my leg pains a lot better . It's not stopped my pain but I didn't know how much the muscles and bones deplete when in menopause and how much the pelvic floor muscles do deplete when dropped into menopause so have to be strong and effective with the pelvic floor exercises . I was doing them not quite right too anyway .😬

Appointment made me feel a bit more in control of recovery from hysterectomy anyway but still have the granulation to sort out which is causing bleeding still 3 months on and find what the original problem was for me . πŸ˜–

But always good to learn more stuff πŸ’—

Hope you have a lovely week πŸ˜„

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