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waiting for my laparoscopic BSO

I have now been told its in Feb tried to explain to under consultant that I was suffering with dragging pain in lower abdomen,back and legs most days as I work on my feet all day her answer was cyst this size (5cm) no way causing pain .my doc has signed me off for the last 2 weeks and my manager has advised due to heavy work load this time of year to get signed off longer as he has seen how much discomfort I am in most days.

I also have 2 small kidney stones and osteoarthritis

Has any one else suffered with pain like this ?

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Cysts and fibroids can cause all sorts of pain.

The fibroid I had was the size of 24-28 week pregnancy. It squashed my gallbladder and kidneys.

I also had pressure behind my right eye caused by it and towards the end found it really difficult to go to work but luckily for me this was a couple of days before surgery.

Take it easy and heed the advice given by your employer and you can also get a second a opinion or request and ultrasound in case it has grown in size.

And recovery will be slightly easier for you as laparoscopy surgery.

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Sorry you are in so much pain and discomfort 😕 If you can I would definitely take time off work 😕

It's difficult but doctors don't know everything, their diagnosis is just their best opiniin. 😕

I hope your surgery date comes around quickly and is the solution you hope for 😊

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