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Hysterectomy in a week

Hi all I'm new just wondering how bad this operation really is??

I'm having it done in a weeks time through my abdomen. I am already post menopausal due to chemotherapy and have not had any hrt as I can't take it.

This will be my 11th operation in the last 4 years. I'm having it done for a couple of reasons to reduce my chances of my breast cancer returning, I'm post menopause and still bleeding and have constant period pains to the point I pass out.

And I'm also anemic due to the amount I have been bleeding ironically I stopped bleeding 3 days ago first time in 8 months.

Any advice is be grateful for

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Hello Pene3434 😊 You sound like you have had a dreadful time 😢 By the sounds of it, a hysterectomy will improve things for you.

My experience was a very positive one, (I wrote a detailed account of my hospital stay if you need more info) I was up and walking around the next day, minimal pain, and thanks to excellent anaesthetist had no nausea or vomiting 😊 Three months of being very careful, no lifting, and gradually increasing activity 😊 Very tired for several weeks, barely left the bedroom for the first month.

Hope this helps

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I suppose I'm a bit worried more than anything love to read your detailed report please 😊😊😊

It's just pants that it's so near to Xmas at least I get out of cooking the Christmas dinner !! I'm 40 I got diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago so I've had major surgery before the worst being the diep flap I struggled with that recovery 12 hour operation and a cut from hip to hip hoping this won't be as drastic xx

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This will be a walk in park after that 😊😊😊

If you click on my name you will see a list of all my posts, scroll back to August and you'll find the one I wrote in hospital

Good luck ❤️


Thanks xx


Hi pene3434 ...! Sorry to hear of the horrible time your having ..., I am almost 7 weeks post op total hysterectomy and can say it has been way better than I ever expected :-) after the catheter was removed the morning after surgery I was up walking around .., forgot I had just had major surgery and was doing more than I should have the only 2 things I could say were uncomfortable was the bloated gas feeling and I had an internal stick pop through the skin and stuck around for a little while :-) but other than that I'm just hanging for all clear off doctor as I have energy I need to burn lol ...! All the best in surgery and just listen to your body you will know when you've done to much x

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