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i am new

I am 49yr old from sussex .After going for a check up on regular urine infection they found a ovarian cyst 5cm with thick septre and a few fibroids several cameras,ultrasounds later they have agreed to a hysterectomy which is now due in january .They also found 2 small kidney stones i was off work for 3 weeks due to aggravating the cyst to much lifting etc now back lite duties only until op .

I also have a underactive thyroid and osteoarthritis in my knee .

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Hi, I had a total hysterectomy by laparoscopy due to a 12cm cyst on my left ovary on Tuesday and am surprised at how good I'm feeling at the moment.

Do you know if your surgery will be laparoscopic and are you having a total hysterectomy?

Lorna x


they wanted to do a partial but I have asked for a full hysterectomy over and done with I have not been told how they are doing it yet.


Good morning utmostserenity 😊 The waiting is the hardest part 😕 January must seem a long way away!

I agree with butterfly, my experience wasn't too bad at all. I had abdominal but lapascopic seems to be a better experience 😊

Try to focus on maintaining health and fitness prior to the op as that really helps recovery 😊

Good luck and best wishes


thank you both for your advice I am trying to get healthier battling with underactive thyroid for the last 7 years my weight gain was horrendous now close to 16 st originally i weighed around 11.5 st although medication is in control trying to lose weight seems almost impossible at times but I am trying :)

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