Hysterectomy and ovary removal

Hi all

I am a newbie, having a vertical incision hysterectomy due to very large fibroid crushing my kidneys and gallbladder removed 26/10/16. Have to make a decision whether to remove or keep ovaries.

Have a passed history of cysts on ovaries and had previous fibroid removed 2011.

Want them removed but worried about surgical menopause and having to take HRT as family history of blood clots and heart problems.

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  • hello Gremlin16 These are big decisions and you are right to do lots of research 😊

    I was already past the menopause so chose to have my ovaries removed, and although the menopausal symptoms are annoying, I'm doing ok 😊

    I hope someone else can offer other opinions?

    Very best wishes 😊

  • Hi Anna61

    Glad to here you are doing well after having your ovaries removed. It's made me feel more positive about it

    A friend had said she left one ovary and wished she hadn't and is having trouble with it to this day.

  • I'm 50 and am having a hysterectomy due to a large fibroid on my uterus on October 18th and also having my ovaries removed. I haven't researched surgical menopause yet! I don't like taking medication for the sake of it unless I'm on my last legs and so don't really want to start on HRT. My friend is on HRT and says it's the best thing ever. Ideally I want to see how I get on after my op without HRT, but who knows!!

    I hope your surgery goes well x

  • Butterfly98

    Thank you for your reply. I was thinking of doing the same thing and see how I get on.

  • A lot would depend on your age. Hrt is not recommend after the age of 51.

    I'm 43 and had a hysterectomy with ovary removal in March due to adenomyosis and severe endometriosis. I was having zoladex injections for six moths prior to op where I had mild hot flushes. After op they became so severe they would knock me flat every time so started on hrt. I now get very few hot flushes.

    Good luck with your op and hope everything goes well.

  • Hi Gremlin16, strange question but do you get hip pain with your fibroids?

  • It's has trapped my sciatic nerve so get pain not in my hips but buttock and back of my leg.

  • Thanks! It's strange and annoying how we get pains in places other than where the fibroid actually is! I'll be glad when it's gone

  • Me too I have been quite poorly at times.

  • Hi I had my ovaries removed in April and went into surgical menopause and I really wasn't prepared for how awful it's been.I had been advised against HRT due to family history but I was suffering so badly I felt I could barely function and was unable to work because of the anxiety and depression, so decided to go on it , it's been like a miracle cure and within 4 weeks felt great.

    I don't regret my ovary removal I just wished I'd been better prepared for surgical menopause.

    Good luck with your op

  • I am 47 and had a full hysterectomy and both ovaries removed 3 weeks ago. So far I've had very few symptoms. A couple of hot flushes but nothing unmanageable, moods have been fine and the worst has been the dry, itchy skin. Think my ovaries were so damaged with the endometriomas and previous hyper stimulation and cyst history they probably haven't functioned properly for years!! Doctor has given me two different scripts for HRT but haven't needed to take either of them yet. Everyone is different. Good luck and listen to your body.

  • Hi dasprior

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I am hoping not to need HRT going to see how I get on without it. Did the hospital give you script in case you need it?

  • Yes. One lot was eostrogen patches. Not sure what the other script was. Was told only needed the eostrogen.

    Good luck, hope you don't get any. My Mum never had any menopause symptoms either.

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