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Hi it will be 2 weeks tomorrow since my operation, total abdominal scar appears to be healing have dissolvable stitches,only pain relief taking is ibrufin did away with the codine and diflofenic as they made me quite groggy. Has any one else experienced stinging sensations around the wound area and by end of a day my tummy resembles being 7mths pregnant,feel a little bit in the dark really on not knowing what should feel right or shouldn't feel right even after looking up many different sites.I get pain on the lower left side which I can work out tends to be around lower intenstine and wind is a nightmare at times.I decided to take herbel red clover as a hrt suppliment as hot flushes are accuring 3 times a day but still getting hot flushes but not as bad.I can feel well one day and then terrible the next,any help would be most appreciated or any suggestions. Im resting and not doing housework due to my amazing family :(

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Hi ,I'm 7 weeks post op and I did feel like this. As I started approaching six weeks things improved greatly and I'm having mostly good days. Only swelling up towards the end of the day. My scar did tingle and as my recovery went on I had burning tingling in various places but that is getting less. I'm still off work as I get so swollen after lunch that I can't wear any normal trousers yet. However hang in there you are early in recovery. I ditched the pain killers except ibuprofen and paracetamol as I too get groggy. Hope that helps but it does get better.



Thankyou so much for your advice feel much better now after your reply,good luck in your recovery its sounds like you are doing very well and hope you are

many thanks :)

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I'm 8 weeks post op.

I describe my tummy as feeling like touching stinging nettles. It soooo strange. Feels tingly, but you can't really feel it. I also had chronic pain in the left hand side. Went back to specialist and he said it was normal. Btw, I also felt 7 months pregnant!! Eat mints and have mint tea. Until you've experienced it, you would never believe that the excess wind can be absolute agony. It WILL go. Eventually. (I'm still struggling with going to the loo.). Oh, and if you strain, cough or laugh your tummy will NOT come undone!! That was my biggest fear - although hugging a pillow does help.

Mm till swollen. Given up wearing anything with a zip and sticking to funky leggings.

I was great the first week after my op then went massively downhill. I was just in bed most of the time. It's a time not to care about being lazy and just let others help!!

Still tired now, but not sleeping half as much. I'm also doing pretty much everything again.

Good luck. Any questions just ask :-)


I have taken peppermint oil capsules and they are helping with the gas. It's all new as only had it done Friday afternoon so early days for me at the moment.


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