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Tested my inr on Friday and it was 6.8. To be on the safe side had it tested against clinic machine and it was right. I hadn't eaten for three days and that's why it was so high; apparently it 's because it doesn't get absorbed. Today it is 2.1 so no wonder I am sitting in the chair and can't get up! Hope it comes up again before we go away Friday. Having been to the clinic on Friday I realised one big advantage (apart from hanging around) is that I don't have to risk picking up any nasty bugs.

Took the risk on Sat and had the girlfriend over with the cold. As someone pointed out I could have picked one up anywhere. So hoping for the best, but relatives we are visiting at the weekend are a nurse, physio and a 4yr old!

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Hi Panda60

i have noticed too that when I have a very poor appetite my INR shoots up, I think that was the one thing that was never explained at the clinic.

At least we know what to expect now



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