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A wee update :)

I posted a while back regarding a new pregnancy. Well.....I'm now 8 weeks and a heartbeat has be found! Baby is growing well (I'm feeling terrible, which is a could indicator of hormone levels). Since my daughter, nearly three years ago, I've had 4 recurrent miscarriages. Whilst it is still early days, I'm excited.

I have to say, my doctor has been exceptional. He is literally on everyone's case to ensure I'm seen promptly. The haematologist seems to have bought into me also and helping. I can only assume the daily dose of aspirin and fragmin is reason I'm still pregnant. My midwife was a little annoying yesterday, repeatedly saying "so they think you have APS", ummm no, after 2 positive tests, miscarriages and prem labour I do have APS - she wasn't buying it! I guess a full house of supportive medics would be too much of an ask ;)

Anyway, I thought a little post to say "all is going well" would be nice.


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Congratulations Helen! I really hope that your pregnancy goes smoothly for you. I don't have children but remember all too well my sister's excitement when she announced that she and her husband were expecting. She too had miscarriages and all the sadness that goes with them.

Just a thought but why don't you show your midwife the new Hughes Syndrome Foundation website, it's excellent - perhaps she needs some educating to bring her up to speed, or get your Medical Team to confirm with her your diagnosis?

Anyway all the very best from here InSpain xxx


Thank you. I have my midwife copies of all letters between my haematologist and doctor, she still wasn't convinced. Fortunately, I won't have too many dealings with her, other than the odd measurement here or there. Despite her perspective she is also adhering to the instructions given by my gp. Referring her to the website is a good idea though! Thanks xx


HI there, good news across the board, and great to hear about the highly professional GP care, so pleased for you, keep us in the loop. Mary F x


Congratulations Helen ... so good to hear! :-)


Congratulations, excellent news and i wish you well throughout your pregnancy. I am also pregnant with APS, have had 2 miscarriages and a small I've birth before I was diagnosed. I am having heparin and aspirin, sometimes easier than others to do the injections but I'm coping with it. I would be interested to hear what your team have planned re monitoring and birth plan. I went private as had problems conceiving after a D&C at 11weeks, and as most of the diagnostic work was done outside the NHS, and I am a DVT short of their criteria for diagnosis, I am having to fight rally hard for any extra monitoring or care. My consultant has even once said that they would be more likely to induce me if I didn't have a surviving child, as there is then more pressure on them to deliver a live baby. I am currently 22 weeks pregnant and starting to worry that my delivery is really a game of Russian roulette.


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