heart raceing (why)

hi all.every morning when i get up (930 ish) i go down stairs i do my morning routine which is open curtains make a cuppa put the tv on then sit down and staight away my heart is racing,headace,shacking and hurging to be sick. why??.im on warfrin,thyriod tablet,amitritine, but this started long before amitritine if i got to go somwhere early then i have to allow for all my symptoms to finish. thanks.stacey

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  • I get the heart racing/ dizziness, and can feel shaky at times and nausea, and bit like yourself, for no obvious reason. The only medication we share is warfarin. I'm back at my GP next week, I'm going to bring it up then. Sorry I cannot share a reason as to why.

  • thank you. least im not the only one with symptoms in the morning. pls let me kw whot docters say. take care.stacey. and doas ur heart race when you are sleeping and wakes u?

  • I get a weird heart thumping thing going on at strange times. The only way I can describe it is that it's as if I've been holding my breath and my heart thumps as if to remind me to breathe. I take a big breath and then I'm fine. No pain, just a weird sensation. Often I am just sitting working at my desk! Told you it's weird!! I'm on Heparin, not Warfarin.

  • no not weird.mine starts when im doing stuff( waking or even having a bath.eg)

  • Might it feel like a gopher is turning summersaults under your breast bone? That is the description my ER doc Father found to be the most descriptive of his (and mine -- congenital) atrial fibrillation. Do bring this up with your GP. APLS can cause valve damage -- there may not be anything that can be done at this point, but if somehthing is going on you should be monitered.

  • its like really bad pulpataions while im sleeping or doing stuff. had scan and doc said it was fine. iv told everyone in the medical secter. . it doas stop me doing thing. stopped going swimming because of it and other stuff. thank you. stacey

  • I did not realise that I had this racing heart thingy goig on untill a week ago when my doc said that my blood pressure reading was too high and ordered some tests. I did have the occasional funny sort of 'tightness" sensation on the left lower ribcage area and tingly sensation in the left arm and feeling lightheaded. Anyway I had this exercise test and while I was able to do the full test with little discomfort - okay slightly winded at the end - they kept me under observation for a while as my heart rate did not drop as expected - some 20 minutes later heart rate was still at 127 bmp.


  • hi peter.sounds very simler. even when im sleeping. iv ask for exercise test but as usal thay dont listen. whot was your outcome and are u feeling better? thanks .stacey

  • Hello:

    Thanks for asking. All the tests were done in the last week so I haven't had a follow up with my GP as yet - will do sometime this week. In general I feel okay but then I may have accepted these conditions as part of the APS - the PE and kidney infarction. The only meds I take is warfarin. The sense I get for the care providers that this is unusual. Will post an update after my follow up. Cheers. Peter

  • Hi there. Here's another possibility - all those symptoms can be symptoms of low blood sugar, which is common with thyroid problems. I get heart racing/ palpitations when my blood sugar is out of whack and the other symptoms you mention sometime too. How's your diet?

  • hi im gluten free so have to be carfull. veg.friut.mostly white meat.fish.white bread.suger in tea.juice.some sweets sometimes.rice cakes.rice.cornflakes. iv cut down on some stuff as i have small colstrol probs. very little exercise as my heart starts and other syptoms start and it can be sore even the next day. whot do you think?thanks.stacey

  • Hmmm, have you had your thyroid levels checked recently? That's the other thing that causes it for me, not being medicated enough (you'd think it would be being over medicated that would be the problem, but it's the other way round for me!). You have to have your tsh down under 1 most likely, not just within the nhs 'normal' range, and your t4 and t3 high normal, to feel properly right. As for diet, you might want to check what you eat against a list online of low glycemic foods. Lots of gluten free processed foods are high glycemic and can mess with your blood sugar (I'm coeliac too). I tend to do best on lots of protein, no dairy, no grains, just veg and low glycemic fruit eg berries, plus plenty of good fat. An ideal diet is the paleo autoimmune protocol, if you're interested in looking into this further:

    Www.paleomom.com is a v helpful site.

    You have to experiment to work out what suite you best.

  • Ps I should say, before figuring this out, I had my heart thoroughly checked out by a cardiologist. That's really important if you have any issues like this xx

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