Just had a fall

Just some advice please.with having APS and other auto immune diseases am concerned. This morning I had a fall and hurt my left arm which is very painful thou not broken.I hit my head against the hallway wall. I was in agony and knew I was going to pass out so got myself day against wall n kept breathing in and out.slowly began to feel bit better but had to quickly get to toilet. My head feels strange and I am now trembling. Should I go to hospital or keep layed down on sofa

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  • You need to go to hospital, are you on Warfarin? Please make sure you have somebody with you now. MaryF

  • Why hospital Mary? No I am at home on my own til husband comes home.yes I am on warfarin

  • You asked us if you should go to hospital, and bearing in mind how hard you say you have knocked yourself, if it were me I would go! Especially being on Warfarin also. I am no sure how accurate or reliable 111 is! MaryF

  • Thank-you.I missed the last step of stairs and banged onto wall with arm and head.I'm feeling better than I did but don't know if the shock will get better. With having APS in brain will I have done harm or will resting on sofa help

  • I will state again, if it were me with Hughes Syndrome/APS on Warfarin having banged my head and arm, as hard as you said you did. I would go to hospital. I can't answer you any further, best of luck. MaryF

  • Thanks.yes had to ring them about husband once but got good advice then had to get him to hospital.

  • As Mary says you should either go to A&E or call an Ambulance to take you. ANY head injury, especially if you are on warfarin with APS should at least be checked. A simple knock on the head can turn into something quite serious very quickly and I use the actress who died because she slipped on a ski slope as an example.

    Please get it checked out they will NOT think you are wasting their time!

  • Ok thank-you. My husband will be home soon

  • I agree with my two colleagues.

    Please go to hospital and tell them you have hit your head and you are on Warfarin. Insist that that give you a CT scan!

    Please don't delay.


  • Yes please go to the hospital and PLEASE let us know how u got on???

  • Back from four hours in A+E .yes they gave me a ct scan and all clear thank goodness.my main pain at moment is my right ankle.must bent it funny when fell.

    Thank you all for your kind words

  • Thank goodness for that, it always has to be checked as mistakes can happen easily. MaryF

  • Yes, thank goodness you are ok and glad you went to A&E, better safe than sorry.


  • Any bang or knock on the head when you are on Anti's should always be checked -- great advice from my friends to you -- glad everything is OK


  • Please go to hospital. I had a fall fell asleep woke in morning had had a stroke while I slept. Don't wait. X

  • It's OK Molly I went to hospital and had ct scan and all clear. Strange head today and queazy but am getting there thanks

  • I'm really pleased you went. Would hate for anything bad to happen. I only fell off the toilet ha ha. Wasn't laughing in the morning though. Called my sister she knew I'd had another stroke. But can only get injection 2 hours after stroke and I obviously slept through mine. I'm so pleased your ok. I never take things for granted with aps.

  • Thank-you for being so concerned Molly and hope you keep well

  • Thank you and I hope you do too. In future don't ask just go x

  • I'm so glad u went! I fell outa bed once and my hip was hurt, but didn't go! Was asleep and restless trying to dangle my amputated leg, thinking it was a whole leg in my sleep! Lol... I'm ok tho but glad to hear ur ok and no stroke or blood pooling!!!

  • Thx glad ur ok my dear!

  • Godspeed

  • I have APS and can only relay what happened to me a few years ago. I fell and hit my head on a hard floor. My hematologist had me come into the hospital to get a head scan to make sure there was no internal bleeding. I would get checked out if I were you. I'm also on Warfarin which increases your risk of bleeding.

  • Yes I went to A+E.had ct scan and all clear thankfully. Feeling unwell today with sicky head but that's understandable. Thanks for responding n hope you OK now

  • Have you ever had Hypoglycemia? With you being dizzy and shaking; if what happened to you is not a TIA, you could have had either a low blood sugar attack, or even a high blood sugar attack. I was only diagnosed as being diabetic two years ago, but I remember having low sugar attacks as far back as 2009. I'm glad your CT scan is all clear. I hope you are feeling better.


  • Yes thanks,think I am recovering. Think the trembling etc was shock...hopefully not to be repeated

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