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Bad tempers and sleet with an under active thryoid and stressed adrenals

Today, I have gone on to the next phase of treating my underactive thyroid, via a very well known and respected nutritonist/doctor. As I am sure if this calms down some of my other multi conditions might behave a bit better

. Today I have a face like a bull dog chewing a wasp and have been slipping about outside trying to load up logs into a basket. Whoever invented 'sleet' should be struck off as far as I am concerned. meanwhile I have been 'moonlighting' on the adjacent thyroid forum, trying to treat my situation with a dose of humour. I seem to have developed verbal diarrhea on that site. Love from the itchy and scratchy show. Mary F x

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Hi Mary.

I like you have trouble with the thyroid. Or should i say i havent got much left to function on. Due to two thyroid operations, including sub-total , and lobectomy. I have said for years that the adrenals, and the thyroid work together.

I would just like to say . I hope your GP, is not just going off the TSH. As i find this totally useless. and prefer to go by the FreeT3, and the FreeT4.

Also have you been tested for thyroid antibodies? which could indicate either Hashimotos , or Graves?

I saw a nutritionist/doctor. When i was so poorly, before i got diagnosed with the APS. I am always cold, and suffer really bad brain fog. along with the joint pain.

He made me do the adrenal saliva test over a day, which showed adrenal fatigue.

They do say though, that you need to sort the adrenals out before the thyroid.

I took an adrenal supplement, but i think the APS, had also a lot to do with the symptoms, i suffer.

I was wondering the man you saw was Barry Durrant Peatfield? I thought he wasalright , and new his stuff about adrenals and thyroid working together.

I hope you get them in balance soon. Glad i have found someone else with APS, and also thyroid issues.



Yes I have seen Dr BDP x


Can i subscribe to the the itchy and scratchy show glad to see the sleet not getting you down



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