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I just do not know how to describe this, but at times, when having a funny dizzy feeling I get this heat feeling in my head. It is really strange. No bad pain, but heat and then goes away/ This is one question I am going to ask when I go to appt.

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Hi Daisy

If it helps, yes I think I know what you are describing and I get it too. I dont think its anything to worry about.

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daisy11 in reply to Storky

Thank you - its just good to know what other patients think

Hi All, I get the same however I put it down to my Migraines, also I get cold feeling where my Migraines normally are too.

Hope this helps.

Could be like a "hot flush"?

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daisy11 in reply to Herb

No not all - its all over head and then a pressure onto top of head.

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jonesy1 in reply to daisy11

Yes I get it too, feels like my scalp is prickly as though full of pins but it is usually when I get a heat flush and it is not meopause related.

Sue x

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daisy11 in reply to jonesy1

Thanks for replying - although had APS for a good number of years, I was able to manage, but for some reason due to splenectomy in March and a TIA in April I am having so many problems with getting INR right and then all of the problems. I was only on Aspirin until the operation and then Heparin after for 4 months however developed TIA despite Heparin. Roll on Tommy's appt. Being on Warfarin for me is a real issue. Going for INR check tomorrow and its high cos at the moment having a nosebleed - mind you when my INR was 8.9 the other week I did not have nosebleed. Confusing or what!

Hi Daisy,

I know exactly what you mean. It is a very unpleasant sensation and I think quite a few Hughes Patients get it including me. Like you it usually accompanies a dizzy episode.


Hi Daisy,

only just read your post and this is my first blog. I dont have any answers I'm afraid but definitely get those dizzy feelings often with a 'far away' feeling and a short piercing headache. On my last visit to cons they suggested another MRI to see if my small vessel Isch caused by aps had got any worse but there were no changes thank goodness so perhaps there is not too much to worry about, but always worth checking out on your next visit.

nonny x

Does it feel like hot running water?

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