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Halloween fun!

Halloween fun!

We went to a Halloween party at a pub on Saturday, great night & a band was playing.

Most of the punters went dressed up, so it was a good laugh! :)

We had at least 4 new arrivals born on Halloween........bunnies!!! the naughty female 'snook' into the male side of the run!!!........& was a naughty bunny!

Inr is slowly creeping up now....don't completly feel the benifit from it yet, but hope I will soon, it's now 2.5.

Off on Sunday to Whitby with fellow photographers to do some photography's Goth looking forward to that!

Hope you are all well & happy xxxx

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Great Picture and make-up. I used to work at the Beeb on hair and make-up so at this time of year I really miss it and get itchy fingers for all the blood and gore......!!!!

Glad your INR is coming up. You can have some of mine as mines too high at 4.9. Funny though cos I feel weird and could have sworn it was the other way around. Perhaps I need a visit by Dracula.............


Love the piccy looks great fun

Give my love to Whitby it is one of my favorite places not only for the fish and chips but the Whitby Jet.......Dont get up there now too far and expensive to go by public transport!


Hi Suzy

naughty bunnies!!

Looked like a great night, lots of spooky fun.

Hope you feelin ok now inr on the up!!

Take care gentle hugs sheena xxxxxxxzz jessielou :-) :-) :-)


Thanks :)

Bunnies are doing really well...there are 4 for definate!

Cant wait for Whitby on Sunday!!

Did some choc' pics for someone over the last 2 days! they looked sooo yummy! :O she makes her own chocs & sells them so she wanted me to do some more images for her website., as I did some for her before.....& she gave me some freebies :)........

Got a charity gig tonight & our local hospital has asked me to take some images for them whilst there!

Take care all xx


Hi Suzy

Glad your bunnies doin well, bet they are so cute!!! Will have to come see em!!

Mmmmm yummy free choccies..:-)

Hope gig goes well tonight hon, know it will Bob and co are brilliant....

How are you? is the fog lifting now Inr going up, or has it stopped going up?

Hope you ok, talk soon.

Take care gentle hugs, Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


hi hun, yes babies doing well....soooo cute :) you'll have to come & visit.

INR was 2.5 last week so it's creeping up, got another blood test next week to see what it's doing.

Gig was good, it was a Queen 4 Queen's gig so Nige was Freddie & Bob was Brian May!!

There were 2 other bands there & 1 of them has asked me to do them a photo shoot for them as they are bringing out an album next year!!

I'm still a little 'wierd' but better than I was ta, hope you are ok, shall meet up again soon :) xx


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