To those who have a faith based support

I know this may not be a place to talk about Faith based support, but it really does help. Having faith based support does, and can help. I am asking to see who out there that gets any kind of support from there church, temple, that sort of thing.... Not out there to preach at ya - but just want to know on a spiritual level do you have support?

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  • I do have Christian support as I belong to a large church, but as nothing much is understood about the condition people struggle to grasp it as I look *normal*. Also though i will ask for prayer I don't really believe it helps.

  • I think we all probably draw our support from wherever possible and this includes, friends, neighbours, online support, community and partners, some people look for support in their chosen faith. I am really pleased of any support that anybody finds in their own circles and community and beyond, and religious content may need to be shared privately between interested parties. Wishing you all well! Mary F

  • I am not a religious person but I am a spiritual person. I was brought up Catholiic, but didn't have much choice in the matter. Our parents didn't force any religion after our confirmation at age approximately 13 and then they specifically told us that every thing they taught us in church has already scientifically been proven a lie. That nothing was below the human race including changing history and erasing knowlege. My parents were most unusual people in that they were way ahead of their time. My father was raised on my great grandmother's farm in Wisconsin and my mother raised in the military and war in the French military until she joined the underground and was stationed as an interpreter in Tangiers, Africa. My father was in the American Navy also stationed in Tangiers, Africa. They met at age 18 he and 20, she. She came back to America six month before him as her time was over first. Then he came and I am convinced our family began instantly with my older sister, Michele-Ann. I use prayer all the time but not in a reciting of a gory rhyme type thing. I just talk to a higher power, am grateful for something I know is guiding me, I try to pay homage when I can by helping others when I can. I would say that God, or a higher power is in my life every day. I believe in it's power of good, bad and ugly. I believe in a battle of good and evil. I believe it exists just under the surface throughout the planet. A reason to fight for good. A set of ethics one can use as a mentor through life. I'm not one much for rituals. Didn't have either of my children baptised. God, will let them in I'm sure. They're both good kids. I never made them go to church but I did make them to one good deed a day and I made them tell me about it before bed. Just one good deed a day is all they had to do. They still try to do it. Me too! If everyone did just that much imagine the place the world could be.

    Glad I'm not the turkey!


  • Hi Skylark, as you say this really is not the place to discuss faith issues as in fact its against the forum guidelines. This is because it can create some friction at times.

    I do hope you can draw support from any arena that is helpful to you, as Mary says and whatever works for you must be good for your condition too. Good Luck to you. x

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    I know is that when I was on deaths door several times in 1995, it was probably more prayer that helped than anything else. I am alive today because of my faith. I too am not so religious, but have a talk with God daily. I don't go to church but believe there is some truth to a Spiritual being.

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