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How long for joint pain to settle down?

I know this is probably a really individual thing but 3 weeks ago I had a big flare up. Joints were red and hot but that went after a few days but the deep aching pain is still with me. Resting makes it worse but so does anything more than gentle movement. My sleep is being really affected and that is having a negative cumulative effect on me each day that this continues. Is there an average time for the joint pain to take to go? Should I be seeing GP or is there nothing they can do? I'm on warfarin so only taking paracetamol to help with the discomfort. Thanks for any insights.

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This was my question. I didn't have the red or hot joints bit my joints throughout my body hurt so bed. I have been using the hot or cold parches that you But in the Store. It really Phelps me be able to move. However, I was told from others that answered my question that plaquinil sms esteroides really should help combined with the warfin. I have however Aldo have thrombocypenia low platlets so I cant be on blood thinners and I cant steriods anymore because I had espinal fluid build up on my brain. I am taking 400mg of plaquinil. I alsow try heating rice packs with lavendar in it. It was the greatest investment. I also use icy hot thermacare parches and absorbing jr which you rub on your joints.


Thanks for sharing. At present I am only diagnosed with APS but my GP thinks I have some other autoimmune condition going on as well as this big flare was when my INR was sitting quite nicely at 4 where it should be, so I was definitely properly anticoagulated. My GP mentioned steroid injections but said she didn't want to try until after I have seen a consultant. My next appointment at Tommies isn't until next year now so I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do now.


Id be tempted to either call tommies and ask for your appointment to be brought forward, call the sec of the consultant you are under, explain the situation and ask for the appointment to be brought forward and that he/she arrange this or suggest something in the mean time, or get your Gp to ask for an urgent reassessment. These things can be done and you should not be just left languishing with no treatment. They have to give you something even if its stronger pain killers while the flare dies down.

Let us know how you get on. x


Thanks. I have already called Tommies. My next appointment was April and they have brought it forward as much as they can to January. I think I may go to my GP and see if there is anything she can suggest to get me through to January.


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