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More D-Dimer

I had to see the out of hours doctor yesterday after headache numbness and sight problems it was confirmed I had had a TIA. Ive to go for a scan and see the consultant tomorrow. I did tell them my last d=dimer was high (2100) and was told that after the first clot i had it would take time for my d-dimer to go back to normal, but its 18 months since that first clot so should it not be settling now. Im getting really worried that i may have clots that are being ignored. The last time it was thought i had a PE they didnt bother to scan me because they said it wouldnt change my treatment. Any thoughts would be welcome. Thanks


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Hi hon, what anti-coagulants are you on? If you were/are still having cloting events while on anti-coagulation then of course they can change the treatment, adjust it, add to it, whatever is necessary. Who oversees your condition and treatment? I hope that you got some answers from the consultant you saw. Can you let us know what he/she said please?


Hi there, you need to see whoever it is who assesses you beyond an out of hours doctor, with the correct knowledge of APS, including detail of the condition, in order to have your care fine tuned! Let us know how it works out for you,. Mary F x


I did see a consultant but it was just the one who was on call and not a apls specialist. I am getting a referal though. I do feel a little better but am still worried as he said he thought i was probably throwing clots all the time and the medication was dealing with them but some were obviously getting through . Should i be asking for a referal to st thomas's


I think that would be sensible if you have no APS specialist locally capable of doing this fine tuning which obviously is needed.


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