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on warfarin but INR changes daily - my ideal INR for me is3.5

Having been on Warfarin and Heparin(the later should my INR fall below 3) I find of late that my INRs change daily, have the warfarin same time each night. When my IN either falls below 3.5 or higher I go woozy etc etc. I am feeling fed up because I dislike feeling like thisI cannot bear feeling out of it. I go tired etc and once I have a nap I am fine however, at weekends it is unlikely as I dont like going to sleep when my hubby is busy around the house and my daughter needs support doing A Levels. I recharge in the week. and its lovely. Does anyone else feel like this?

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Hiya, ive been on warfrin now for about 4mnths, my range they want me at is 2.5, my INR keeps changing every time i go. I find that when it drops i feel very unwell and my symtoms get worse. This really gets me down and im back n forth to the docs telling them how i feel, but its as if they dont listen to me or they say its not related to APS.I have a large family, ive 6 kidz n a hubby n i feel that im letting them down as a parent and a wife. Im so tired all the time,have vertigo so they say, muscle aches, joint pain, 2 be honest i feel as if im ageing b4 my time, its horrid.



Thank you for replying, my GP is understanding however there are a couple of docs who look at me bewildered when I say that I can tell when low INR or high. I mentioned to my consultant who deals with the Hepataology side of things that I feel so old, I am so tired and I have been waiting for a reply from my Haem concerning low iron, but nothing but its just that I feel different when its to do with APS and the feeling I have been getting is completely different. Today was shattered lay on bed and fell asleep but it recharged me but already cannot wait for bed time.The haem said it could do with anaemia but that was 6 weeks ago, I have just emailed him. I feel so guilty when I have a snooze so I fight this dreaded tiredness.

Anyway I hope you feel better too.


Your INR can also change due to different types of food. Not all foods have the same reaction with everyone. Alcohol, of course, can also have an affect. Monitor your daily food types and see how each may alter your INR. I think that you will find that most people's INR will change day by day. Warfarin is also slow reacting, so having it increased one day will not really affect it the following day.

I am on 18 mg Warfarin (at the moment) and my INR can be steady for months and then suddenly whip around all over the place for weeks on end.

Maybe just one of those things that you will have to put up with and a small price to pay for keeping well !!


I self-test which helps because I can test myself if I feel unwell. The clinic is open three days a week, so I can phone for dosage. Was in A&E last week and had an inr as a matter of routine. It was lower than my last test so tested when I got home and it was low on my machine too. Called the clinic and the nurse told me that inr doesn't stay at a consistent level all the time and that it can fluctuate when the body is under stress from illness. Medication and food/alcohol can always affect it as well.

I have also been told not to test more than once a week unless told to because of all this. Anti-coag Europe publish an excellent quarterly magazine and a helpful booklet on warfarin


tHANK YOU, WILL LOOK AT THIS MAGAZINE. IS YOUR CLINIC IN LONDON? as find that some nurses are very up to date on Warfarin.


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