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Me and My Dog Max

Me and My Dog Max

HI everyone,

I was diagnosed with Hughes earlier this year. I have a fantastic friend in my Dog Max...he is a German Shepherd crossed with a Dingo. (yes I am in Australia...Perth to be exact). He started to behave differently to me at the beginning of this year. He became my constant companion. He would lie on or annoy my arms...and the he started nuzzling my collar bone. About a month later I was diagnosed with three DVT' will never guess where....both my arms and one under my collar bone., After i returned from hospital Max was again my constant companion. One afternoon I was making a coffee and he started to bark at me. He barked and lead me to the couch in the living room. Once I sat he stopped barking. About 3 mins later I had a massive dizzy spell. Had i been standing I would have collapsed. Since he has started doing this he has actually been spot on with his canine diagnosis every time. I call Max my own personal medic Alert.

I have had the symptoms of Hughes since late 1990's. I was diagnosed with my first DVT's around 1999. Since then I have had 15. I now get massive head aches.....pain in my legs....memory loss.....DVT's....dizziness....blurred vision....and have had a suspected PE as they felt I had the symptoms but they couldnt find the clot.

Having this condition scares me some days...frustrates me on others and makes me angry when i get symptoms i cant predict. I take wafarin every day and have been since 2007. I take morphine for the head aches. ( I try not to use morphine unless I am writhing in pain).

I have a fantastic family and my own personal wonder dog to help me through this.

I use the following to help me get through each day.

1. I can walk

2. I can see my children

3 I can feel the warmth of my husbands hugs

4 I can hear the birds sing

5 I can see the blue skies.

I am a positive person with a passion for life.

Here's to life!!

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Hi mystynzl

welcome to the site. Glad you found us.

Thank goodness you got Max, a real life saver. I have 3 dogs and wouldn't be without them. They know when you feeling low and give unconditional love.

I think attitude makes such a difference, sense of humour helps too.

I hope you feeling well today.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena (jessielou) xxxxxxx :-) :-) :-) xxxx


Hi, what an amazing story! :)

Max sounds the best friend you could have!

I too have good friends in my pets, they are very theraputic.....but not always as useful as Max :)

Take care hun xx Love to Max :)


Hi. I can relate. My poodle Francis woke me up one night and i was having a stroke. i took 4 baby aspirins and went to the hospital. it actually prevented it from being worse. animals are great. Hope u feel better.


Hi Mystynzi

sounds like you have a fantastic attitude and i am really glad you have Max who is such a great friend.

and i think we all like you are lucky for something!


You cannot beat animals for companionship and a sixth sense......they are truly remarkable, and way ahead of us,,,,,


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