Pain reliefe with APS - use of Pill meds non-effective - in acute pain.Level 8-10 pain level

Does anyone know or ever had an issues with pain managment, with IV meds being the only way to get pain down to a managment level. If so - is there any documentation that I can get to show doctors here in Canada that pill meds are non-effective with people with APS. Would be nice to have Dr. Hughes name on it too, if possible.

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  • Hi there, so sorry you are having such a dreadful time. First off, here is a useful contact for your doctors in Canada:

    I think this would be a starting point: Hope this is of help. Mary F x

  • thanks - what I was looking for was something that was from Dr. Hughes, or one of his team to see if there was or has been any research in this?

  • the link does not work

  • Oh dear sorry about that, I had a look hoping to find somethin =, but I shall send you this, and this one = down the page you will see a Canadian contact: - this may prove more useful in terms of getting some hope. Mary F x

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