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I'm concerned that plavix wont prevent a re-ocurrance of a clot

I had a stroke in 2006 at the age of 44. this is how I became aware that I had hughes syndrome. After my diagnosis I was put on Coumadin. I began having seizures caused my brain damage from my stroke. So my Hymatologist took me off Coumadin due to the risk of head injury and put me on plavax. I'm concerned that plavix wont prevent a re-ocurrance of a clot.

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Hi John

Welcome to this site, hope we can help. Not been on plavix.. i am on warfarin following diagnoses with hughes etc, plus lots of other meds, on a new one which is making my brain even foggier. so I apologise if not make much sense. I think we all worry about having another clot. Sure someone else will be along with information about plavix. Suggest speaking to haematologist and see what he or she says, if they approachable. Hope not feeling to bad today.

Take care gentle hugs, Jessielou xxxxxx


Coumadin is the generic name for warfarin. So obviously because of the reasons you state or an increased risk of bleeding your consultant took you off that and put you on Plavix which is the generic name for Clopidogrel which is a gold standard and NICE recommended drug given after strokes to prevent reoccurrence, sometimes also in conjunction with Aspirin.

Obviously your consultant has his reasons for going down the route he has but if you are worried I would have another conversation with him about it.


I thinks it has already been said John if you really not happy speak to the consultants again. I have been on Plavix and i was opposit to you they changed me from that to warferin but i was on it for years with not issues.


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