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What is the cause of swollen legs?

This started with swelling of knees, and pain in groin, combined with swelling of fingers, hair loss, mouth ulcers, and nasal sores. I was prescribed prednisolone 7mg, and symptoms appeared to disappear. However, upon reducing steroids, all symptoms have returned, and legs have become more swollen and fluid like from the knee up, and also, last night around ankles and lower shins. Was told to increase steroids to 15mg, reducing to 10mg, and then back to 7 1/2 mg over period of 6 days, but legs have become even more swollen on reducing. What is likely cause? Could it be cellulitis, or more likely a flare of mixed conncective tissue disorder? I have also been having flu-like symptoms, feverish, and then can't get warm, and quite unwell.

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Hi rhian, I'm no expert but does sound like a flare, should get it all checked with rheumy, could be need something else try settle things down. I hope you get sorted and feel better soon. Take care hon, hugs jessielou x x x x


Thanks jessielou for your answer. I contacted my rheumatologist yesterday, and they feel that this is definitely a lupus flare. They have asked me to double up on the predisolone until they see me next Monday, and to contact them again on Wed/Thurs if no improvement. I had to go to bed yesterday, because couldn't get warm, extremely feverish, hot sweats and flushes followed by feeling really cold. Have seen an improvement with legs this morning, and I am less breathless today. The rheumy will do lots of blood tests when they see me, and feel they may need to review my long term treatment. Thank goodness they have been so supportive, because I am entering new territory here, both with this flare being more severe than I have had in past, and being new to steroids (started on low dose in April). Hope this may help others in identifying a flare. Thanks again jessielous, take care, Rhian xxx


Hi rhian you welcome hon. Take it easy. Glad you got good rheumy. Can be hard to find. Glad breathing a little better. Do hope they get your flare under control and settle everything down. You right Will help others. Thats why these forums so great. Take good care of yourself. Hugs jessielou x x x x x x


So glad to hear that you have a supportive rheumatologist, a flare like this will lead them to keep a closer eye with your overlapping conditions. I always feel with my overlapping things a short visit to GP or another one, in practice for a second pair of eyes, or in my own case sometimes our nearest walk in clinic, as sometimes emergency rheumatology is not always available, The best of luck.



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