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Oh dear...been to the gym, had a fitness programme organised for me...then I went to a Zumba class!

I did what I could but my feet wouldnt go where I wanted them to! nearly fell over countless times & my knee was hurting & kept giving way! :( but felt numb? oh well....I shall try it again next Thursday!! :)

Then an old guy nearly knocked me over as I was crossing over the road!....he was reversing....& somehow didn't see me!!!!

Anyway...Iv'e had a cuddle with my 'furry critters' so I have a smile on my face again now!!

Knee feels quite week now....but I'm glad I did it still, does anyone else find the gym etc helps them? right off to do dinner for everyone.

Take care x

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Think you so brave trying the Zumba, I got two left feet to start with, and neither work so good either so would end up on my bottom.

Still try walking when I can, good to get out with kids and crazy dogs.

Take care hugs Jessielou xxxxxxx


Hi Suzy! I have been doing Zumba lately, but only at home as i am not brave enough to go to a class!! It is doing me some good though. Keep going at it, at least doing zumba at home no one sees me getting it wrong!!!


Hi Suzy

I am going to my first Zumba class next week! I find that exercise is a great help - not sure where I'd be without it truth be told. I have 3 dogs and a horse so there's a fair amount of exercise right there... whatever your method it all helps to keep the mind active - nothing like a bit of fresh air or having a giggle with your friend getting the steps wrong at Zumba!!



I love Zumba-tried it once thinking my body still does what it used to - oh my god what a shock ! It would not go where i wanted it to - I felt such an idiot ! I am so stiff and have no movement-it did upset me in a way but then I thought it was funny. How did you get a fitness plan done for you-I love my exercise and miss it so much but my body won't do what i want it to-Do you suffer afterwards ? If i exercise my body is so stiff the next day - I can hardly walk!!!


Sometimes I suffer.....but normally I find it helps, without going to the gym, I still believe it would be worse, I think it helps mentally too.

No my feet dont agree to where I want them to!! :)

Yep my pets keep me running (well hobbling!) around well too!! ferrets are so playful, many to clean out every 2 days & I do the gardening, sometimes I suffer after that one though :(


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