virus or lupus symptoms?

Feeling horrible today - tired, muddle headed and aching a bit like I've got a nasty virus coming on. But this happens from time to time and then goes away again. My friend had a nasty virus over the weekend which laid her out flat with headache, sore throat, cough, sneezing, dizzy and off her food. But mine is nowhere near as bad as that.

So how do I decide what it is? Going back to see my GP tomorrow about my blood test results, and will ask him, but he usually says that my throat looks fine.


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  • Sorry to hear you are not feeling so well. I think this damp weather is taking its toll personally. My aches and pains have been rife this week and it just feels like I need the warmth of the sun as its so damp everywhere.

    I hope your GP can sort things out tomorrow. :-)

  • Hi there, I am afraid I have often felt like this, going right back to childhood, turns out I do have SLE Lupus and have probably had it for decades. I can never tell whether virus or lupus or combination of both, plus my 4 other things, however the weather is PANTS! Mary F x

  • Ditto. I had 7 cases of "mono" in 14 years. Add to that numerous "strep throats" and assorted viruses. Mine all began to quiet down in my 20s. Now my main issue is the hip pain. Was it lupus? I strongly suspect so.


  • I was always poorly as a child and migraines started at 11. I don't have lupus per se but have symptoms of it.


  • Lupus has lots of symptoms and is an awful disease that attacks liver, heart, lungs,brain actually every organ. I am very aware when my lupus is active, as i have rashes and am hospitalized..

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