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Protein S depletion - what does it mean?

I wrote a month or so back because despite having a stroke which affected my left occipital lobe which left me more or less blind I was turned down for Disability Living Allowance. That agument is still rolling on despite supportive letters from the head of the stroke support team and my specialist. But I had a call last week by consultant's secretary asking if I could go for (yet another) blood test asap and they would send me the form. Being nosey I had a look at it and it states "protein S depletion - repeat to confirm." Anyone know what this is all about? Had a look on the internet and it seems it can be associated with all sorts of nasties. I am also to have a CT of my aortic arch on Friday (my left carotid is completely occluded) although 24 hour ECG and heart ultrasound were clear, apparently. I don't see my consultant for another three weeks and am terribly worried about this Protein S thing so any info would be gratefully received.

Jenny xxx

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Hi Jenny

I have to say I don't know anything about Protein S Depletion but just wanted to let you know that you are being supported.

Im sure this is a worrying time for you but please try not to worry too much as I always think when I do it that it is not going to change very much if I do. Try and just take each day as it comes and do something nice today to take your mind of this.

I would then call your GP tomorrow and ask for them to explain this to you so you have a better understanding and can stop worrying about it until your next consultant appointment.

The internet is a great resource but as you say yourself it can scare you half to death sometimes and quite unnecessarily!! This test could have been done as a precaution or as an indicator and may not mean that you have anything in particular.

Remember we are always here to support you if you need us

Big hug :-)



jenny - I just had a quick look on line too. I found this article and if it is the same thing you are talking about it sounds like it is a natural protein that we have that prevents the blood from clotting. The treatment is very much the same as for APS.

If this is what they are testing you for then they just want to check, I would think that you don't have an issue with it as a reason for you getting clots rather than or as an addition to, APS.


Thanks Lynne. I don't need much excuse to go shopping lol I'll go and take my mind off it. Thanks for replying.

Jenny xxx