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occupational health assessment

I am currently looking into leaving work as a teaching assistant possibly retiring on health grounds. I have been told I will have to go for an occpational health assessment. I wondered about taking some literature when I get the appointment but having looked on the hughes website and my brain not functioning well, I really dont know which articles/ info are best. What is the chance of the person, presumably a doctor, knowing what Hughes is, I wonder!

Can anyone point me in the direction of suitable info please

Thank you


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I think there is some really good information on the hughes foundation web site

The Doctor should know or if they dont they should look into it themselves.but it wouldnt to any harm if you photo coppied some information, my memory is also rubbish today

I gave the occ heath permission to see my hospital notes investigations etc

I have just been given ill health retirement

horrible i loved my job but i now realise how much stress i was under

Good luck

Karen xx


I worked as a special ed teaching assistant. Hard job and sometimes you had to physically lift kids. I ending up leaving my job and taking care of my mum who has Alzheimers. Is the school district telling you that you have to see an Occupational Health doctor? I would think you would need a rheumatologist to present your issues. Rheumatologist really are the ones that understand. Gosh I think you would have a right to present your case with your own medical team.



Hi Jane,

Completely agree go into the meeting armed if you speak to Kate at The Hughes Syndrome Foundation she will be able to send you information. Also i would have a chat with your employer because some of them have thetre own in house occ and can speed the service up. The other option which is what i took was asked GP to refer me to St Thomas and get them to do a letter at the National specalists this would over write anything a local person would write or do.



Thanks for your comments. I will definitely speak to my GP and rheumatologist to see if they will support me, and I will contact Kate for some info.

I have been referred to see Dr Beverley Hunt so if I can also get support from her it will presumably be worthwhile. However, I dont now how long it will take to get the referral with her, assuming the rheumatologist has contacted her.


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