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Do any of you know whether apls is passed down the family. Im sure my mother had it but she died in the early 80s before there was such a thing as apls. Why Im asking is one of the doctors on this trip to hospital that all my kids and grandkids should be tested and if this is true does it extend to neices and nephews or is it just my own children and also if the grandchildren do need testing is there an age it should be done as they are still tiny and i wouldnt want to put them through anything they didnt absolutely need, thanks again

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Some say yes, Margaretjo - and others say no.... however more and more is being written about patterns in family. My father would have had that and Lupus, my two sisters had pregnancy related APS, my daughter just diagnosed with lupus and APS at 14... and my younger son, deeply supicious migraines. I think there just has to be a balance between observation and lack of... I stay in the middle with it, but did not take my eye off etc M


Hi margret

this is a difficult one have a look at this poll but i think mary has give you the best answer hughes-syndrome.healthunloc...



yes but no but yes but no! I dont think you will get a clear answer to this question as aps can crop up at anytime with other family members having not having aps links. Someone I recall said that if child tested positive it could affect things like getting a mortgage life policy cover, etc... sometimes better off not knowing?


For me it is hereditary two of my uncles and my mother has Hughes. Due to this I have already asked my rheumy and my boys pediatrician when my boys should be tested. My oldest son is 11 then my other two boys are 6 and 7 and both doctors told me that they would go ahead and test if I want them to but at their ages chances are slim that the test would be positive even if they do have Hughes. Their suggestion was to have my bous test yearly when they show signs or every other year otherwise starting in late teens. Because its so dominant in my family though they will treat my boys for Hughes with or without a positive test at the onset of symptoms. I hope this helps good luck!


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