accident :(

accident :(

I had an accident in the winds , snow & rain here yesterday :(

....I looked out & saw another fence panel had come out in my fence so I went out & put ducks away as that was how the duck got attacked before by a dog then I realised friends guinea-pigs (looking after whilst on hols) wernt covered up anymore so I lay the panel on ground best I could, got on with covering cage , the next thing I know was hit on the back of the head & got knocked to the floor! the next thing I remember is getting up & I realised it was the fence panel that landed in front of me! it must have been lifted into the air by the wind & hit me on its way across the garden!

I'd let my family know via phone, I seemed ok after I'd sat down for a bit & had cup of tea....yes head & neck hurt & dizzy & I did say if anything else happens I shall go & get it looked at, but I feel so daft going A+E when it turns out to be I thought I'd wait & see.

Well it's now the next day.....& I'm still here but think it may have done some damage but I'm ok.....all across my shoulders are painful & burning my arms keep going cold & achy ( well more than usual! )

Still a little dizzy & back of head a little tender....but I thought it would hurt more if there was any damage so I'm asuming I'm ok....this is just the after pain & am healing?

If I get worse I promise to go & see someone :) xx

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  • Oh dear, this sounds a bit frightful. I hope you can have a good hot bath and take it easy for a bit, so you can take stock of if you need to do anything else. All the best Mary F xxxx

  • I will ta Mary :) not easy for me to take easy......I have furry critters that rely on me....never mind the Husband!!!! xx

  • Dear Suzy, Im sorry about your accident. Sounds scary and painful! I hope you feel better soon. Love and prayers...Teresa

  • Ta Teresa, it was!, but I'm sure I'll be ok xx

  • Suzy, sounds horrid! - If you're on warfarin think about getting checked out, after all best checked and know all ok, than not - otherwise, as Mary says hot bath, rest and see how you feel.




  • Ta fellow admin & I do agree....just thought something would have happened in the night if anything was going to? ....ok....I'll behave & rest! xx

  • Suzy,

    I think that was meant for me! I kneed a good swift kick!! I think Jet was sending me one and got it to you by accident so maybe he needs to improve his aim a litte better!!

    Seriously, I hope you start feeling better and is there some sort of antiinflammatory you can take or a muscle relaxer? And if you start feeling really weird, don't be a martyr, go get seen!

    Thinking of you!


    Krissy xx

  • tried to get me twice!!!

    when I first tried to move it when I 1st saw the panel on the rockery I went to put it safe....& it just missed my face & side of my head!! I thought then....s**t that was close!!!! then after lying it on the floor it tried again whilst back was turned!!!! that was a bigger kick than I could ever do with my boots!!!!!!

    ta Krissy xx

  • sorry to hear of your misfortune , be careful of clotting ?? that nasty fence i hope you had a few choice words for it. and dont stand anywhere near Kristina the wicked witch of the east- she is a target you know. keep us up to date hon ----------------- concerned me

  • Ill be ok ta jet :) I think the choice words actually came out as: s**t ....ok you got me?!! it tried twice to hit me!!!

    I'm sure Kristina is a good witch if she was....just like me ;)

    You take care too bud.

  • So sorry to hear of your accident. If you are on thinners & got hit in the head I would say you should at least see your GP to get checked out. Hope you feel better Suzy!

  • Ta for the advice hun, hopefully going to improve soon, just added pain, eh to the rest?!! x

  • an further more a nice, pretty , loving ,warm ,compasionate, tall , blonde person said to me { dont make me hitch --- swim - hitch ---- get arrested for no passport- and a frenchman operating with brain cramps. you take care of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks me.

  • hi all, yes it was scary :(

    I was all alone which made it worse, son & everyone I could think of was as work & hubby away for a couple of days, so my instincts was to let him & my brother know so if I didn't answer either of them later on they may know why ?........

    I took you advice...also our Sheena :) who told me off via phone! xx

    so I had a chat with one of my docs, she says if any damage was done something should have happened by now ? she says the pains, pressure & numbness sounds like ver bad muscle damage, so told me to use heat gel & a wheat wrap to see if that helps & if anything gets worse to seek further help.

    I'm resting now, playing computer & tv games!!! with a wheat wrap on my shoulders!

    Hugs....gentle ones to all xx

  • Hi sue

    very glad you spoke to doc. Also glad you taking it easy, i know how hard that is!

    Lots of chillaxin hon.

    Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Oooh and go get checked out if still not right or anythin new pops up. Please!!!!

    Love n hugs xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Oooooo you are a nagger!! ;) lol !

    I will hun, promise, hugs back to you, make sure your ok anyway!! xxxx

  • Isn't it just like the universe to tell us it's time to rest.

    I often have these sorts of things happen that I guess (if one were to be a bit cynical about things) are the universe's way of telling us its intentions and forcing our hand.

    Hope all is well (as could be, anyway!) and you have a speedy recovery.

    Best wishes from all in Oz.

    Wayne L

  • Yes I know what you our Sheena knows...I'm not to sit still!! but I have to admit its for the best at mo'.....I sure think that fence panel was telling me it was the boss this time! I forget sometimes that I do have to careful....I felt like a human skittle ( no not the sweets jet ! ) yesterday !!

    ta Wayne :)

  • So glad you are ok!!!! You poor thing...well I am glad you are resting up and taking it easy..(be sure to REALLY do that for a while too :)

    Hugs coming your way...


  • Thank you Beverly, I'm trying to.....honest :)


  • you mean you arent candy coated and available in different colors.????? im sure you are just sweet enough yourself. be careful ,be good ,be resting , and just be your sweet self !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me

  • ha ha ha jet.....knew I could count on you !!!

    I'm more like a bon bon sweet......hard at first but when I become a friend of anyones & you get to know me....I'm a big softy really!

    You take care too bud :)

  • I'm sorry to hear this. I'm in the States, my daughter (who spent a year at the Uni in Glasgow) is in New Zealand. I was relaying to her what I had heard on the news about 7' drifts in Yorkshire and she, frankly, thought sure I had to be exaggerating, or the news reports I had heard were exaggerating.

    Rest up, and, as urged by others smarter then me, the worry at this point is a clot from the bruising. Stay alert for those! Please!

  • Thank you Gina, I will keep an eye on myself.......yep the winds here were terrible! I know where I am I'm on hills too which doesn't help :( couldnt believe it would have lifted the panel up in the air like that! I'm 5.8" & it caught me then it went over me! & landed infront of me on the floor as I went to the floor :(


  • I've been out today & fed & cleaned all the critters, I had my phone with me :)

    I did go a little strange ....I started shaking & going dizzy?.....but not too bad now.....

    Had a bit of food & cups of hot water bottle back on shoulders & neck again now too whilst I phone around some numbers the council man gave me yesterday! m.p's etc!

    Hugs to all you lovely peeps, don't worry about me ...I'll be fine I'm sure, look after yourselves, I'll keep you posted xx

  • Can I suggest it is probably time to go to the docs Suzy, if you're going dizzy!! maybe being a ostrich is ok for a while :) but now get checked to be sure - rest and take things steady!

    Take care



  • I realize that as it is 6:50PM here on the US East Coast you are probably tucked in for the night. Do post something in the morning when you read this and let me know you are OK.

    I was showing a friend this neat trail which winds through the edge of the New River Plateau at a place call Babcock State Park (you've probably seen a picture of this park -- it is home to the most photographed place in WV: the Glade Creek Grist Mill.) At one point in the hike one must duck under a rock overhang and climb a ladder up the cliff face (only about 10') to the top. Just as I warned my friend to watch her head I swung my head around and "Bang!" (you guessed it) swatted my head on the cliff face. (And I've climbed this ladder a dozen times before! How stupid of me!)

    I knew I should have called the hike off and retreated to the Park Office for ice; but we had driven 2.5 hours to see this and I hated to disappoint her. So I continued, after only a discrete 5 minutes siting time. I was fine. But in hindsight, that was a stupendously stupid thing for me to do!

    But still, when you're in the moment, the temptation is to make light of the injury so as to not stir up a fuss and upset people.

    Sometimes the right thing to do is stir up a fuss and upset people.

  • hi Gina - if i bang or bump my head at all ,or experience any bruseing, i have to contact dc or e.r. and they make -sit , call them every couple hours , [ thats if no changes ] till they are comfortable with the conversations. even if i bruise from blood work [ which is every 3 days ] lab has to note it and if it gets worse ,i have to call doc. office or e.r. doc on call.this gets intense some times , if the doc on call dosnt know anything about the a.p.s. and then they see my other blood problems? the conversation can get lenghtly. gotta really watch head bangs while on thinners !!! i dont usually wear a cap with a visor, but i find when i do ,i bang my head alot ,walking into things and not tall -[ vertically callenged ] to say the least ?seems every time i wear cap head aches !!!!!????? . great to hear from you . up here in New Hamphire.------------------------ jet

  • Hi all, thank you for you concerns & comments, I keep telling myself I am ok....but I thought it would have all passed by now?

    Went to a gig with the guys on Saturday....took some photos for them but could only do them with my arms supported on speakers/monitors! I got a few good ones so was happy with myself, plus it wasnt a late one, which was a relief!

    But I'm still feeling a lot of pressure in my head & dizzy moments plus feel like there is presure on nerves when certain areas in the head are touched? my head & ace feels swollen...but cant see difference?

    I'm going to make an appointment if theres one to have!! in the morning & see a doc'....I know they'll tell me off for leaving it till now & probably if anything was going to happen it would have by now? but my arguement is I thought I would be ok by now? I havnt even washed my hair since I did it! (Wed') as I feel dizzy leaning over sink.....but I'm going to attempt it today in shower later......I hate my hair like this!!!!

    I'm a proper looking 'greasy headbanger' at mo'!!!!! litterly!

    I'll let you know how appointment goes........hugs to all xx

  • Hi suzi

    glad you gonna make an appointment in the morning. Worried!! Do let us know how you get on.

    Hugs n love Sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Hi hun, tried to make an appointment & couldn't get in :(

    So I went out as planned to see how I was, even went to gym & did some leg exercises! then went into town & met some friends & family at costa for my usual Tuesday coffe fix :) Whist going around asda to do weeks shopping ( had Chele with me ) went quite dizzy & was shaking! :( so she convinced me to go A & E to get checked out.................they agreed in the end after giving me a scan ( to be on the safe side ) that I had 'whiplash' injurys to my neck & shoulders & Post Concusion Syndrome, so it may take a couple of weeks before completly right......but at least thats all it is :) they were surprised I hadn't been before now or taken any painkillers with it!!! they've told me to rest & be sensible!!

    Hugs back xxxx

  • suzy -suzy -suzy -----------just what am i to do with YOU!!!!! i thought you were going to do SOMETHING by now???now i read this!!!!!! thats it!! no birhday present this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!n and if you keep this up christmas is in jeopardy- what would you tell me if i was being so obstinate--- literally. i guess i am going to have to dig out my scuba gear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and bring along my logger boots , and believe me , they WILL do the job!!!its just that cold swim that bothers me, so dont make me do it !!!!!??? YOU SMARTIN UP --- PRETTY PLEASE -- if that what it takes------------------ brother jet----- need my suzy fix, when your ready ?

  • lol.....I'm ok jet, really, doing my pet duties, house duties & in between taking it easy now.......please dont tell santa again!!! : )

    Krissy I need your back up hun?!!! : ) : )

    You dont have to swim to me I'm being good now, I know I should have gone hos' when 1st did it.....

    Hope you are ok at mo' ............

  • Ya -im ok , finally setteling down after doc criss, my rheumy is making me get refferal from my pcp,! the one i tried to fire and practise cordinator wouldnt let me , i have to go to a meeting with her and 2 other staff members, this i havnt scheduled yet, so i dont know how this is going to play out ?my recoads werent getting sent the way they should of been -that took a week to straighten out , and time is a huge factor in this surgery !! as you know , there is 2 phases to the proceedure.and all 4 dcs have to agree?.then my c-pap machine over heated ,i was unable to use it for5 days,and i have to be compliant -not only that it is a problem that i have sever obstructed sleep apnea and the anesthesiologist isnt going to like that one bit -so my nurse/ tec is going to go to bat for me if i can show good results- just hard to set good record when you dont have a nachine for 5 days!!!!, im suppost to be on it 5 hrs a nite 5 days a week just to be compliant and be able to keep the cpap.i just get so dam sick of fighting with some of these people , and i know we all have this same problem!!!the doc s that have to be on board are rheumy , pcp , surgeun, and new dc hemo her name is ernstien., but i have been dealing with her 2 nurses and im 3rd person down on list to try towork into scheduleing. getting to her is going to present a problem her office is booking in to august rite now!?!? way to late for me if avn continues to progress they way it has in the last 4 months ?.surgeun told me -any signs of stress cracking or colapse and its done rite then end there. this least evasive operation is the only one they will even consider, as even with this my risks are real high. ------------------------i wont tell santa this time BUT i am going to keep an eye on you and dont think for one minute that i dont have eyes over there!!!!!!!!! --------------------------- bfn -----benny jet

  • You take care 'uncle Benny'......I'm keeping my eye on you too....also behave yourself too :) the head banging metalhead..........Suez :)

  • ha Suzy - i got my appoinment with new hemo doc tomorrow , wow when the nurses said they would get me in they ment it!!- i had to resedual my mri for nero -appt i do that friday nite at 7:15- then nero apptment is weds the 18 th . gotta get paper work finished up - most of it ready for tomorrow . inr just barely went up ??? i dont know whats going on -maybe nerves ??

    let you know what happens when i get back ????? uncle benny the jet

  • good luck bud, they certainly not messing about & getting you in! let us know how it goes, Suez :)

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