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I think thats what they call it. Anyway I have heard some of you mention it as associated with APLS. I have really cold feet all the time so cold they are painful but I dont have the same problem with my hands but what happens with my hands is that my palms go red, they look like ive had them in really hot water. I wondered if that is also associated with Raynards and whether i should be mentioning it to my GP. Any info would be welcome. Thanks


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This sounds like it could be Reynauds Phenomenon, you should definitely see your doctor about it.


Hi Margaret

Yes you describing my raynaurds symptoms go to your doc and see what they say if it is there are meds as well as non medical ideas

Let is know how you get on



Hi Margaret

Same as Mary says, very similar symptoms to mine. Mention it to your doctor.

Hope you get sorted hon.

Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi there

Yes, it sounds like Raynauds - have a look at for more info.

The pro bono CEO of the HSF charity has it quite severely and sometimes in meetings the ends of her fingers go blue, then purple with black bits in the nail. If she doesn't warm them up quickly it could get quite nasty. The only solution seems to be hand and feet warmers but do check with the Raynauds charity.


Hi Margaret,

I have Raynauds as well. I agree with everyone to consult your doctor about it. Mine is not terrible as I do not have it regularly like some do. I keep myself very warm in winter with hand warmers and special socks to keep my feet dry and warm. There are times I have to wear mittens in the grocery as well because of the refrigerated and freezer sections..(in the summer people think I am When I am over stressed it has brought on a bout of it as well.

It seems it is common with APS but also with other diseases too. There are little vasospams of the veins and the blood flow constricts. I get totally ghostly white with that odd feeling (which creeps me out everytime) then the ends of my fingers (I usually have it on my fingers) turn solid black and freezing. I have yet to be able to relax when it happens because it is such an odd feeling. Then the blood flow returns and they are fire red and burning like crazy. It goes from one extreme to another.

There have a been a couple ot times when I am left with reds marks underneath my fingernail afterward although I am not sure what that is.

If it gets out of hand there are medications to help you along with it.. I have not had to do that thankfully.

Hope this helps some Margaret...

Take care!!!!


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