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Calcification of messenteric artery

Hello, well after being told to cut out gluten, wheat, I have told I have this condition. I had a CT scan yesterday so that a more detailed image. I am worried! For 4 years I have been saying about bad pains on eating, they put it down to IBS and the stress of all my medical conditions.

I just have lost confidence with medical staff (only some mind you)

anyone else suffered from this?

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I've had IBS for many years. I find probiotics help. I take a tablet twice a day called IBS Support by Ethical Nutrients. I also had a gastroscopy before Christmas and I had gastritis, a ring at the top of my oesophagus making swallowing difficult and a hiatus hernia. Been on Nexium since and that has also helped the IBS and stomach issues.

No idea what calcification of the messenteric artery is though..... off to google


I have just been told to cut out wheat and when you do that it tends to include Gluten too. TBH I am two weeks in and it has not been too bad. I thought it was going to be really hard to do. There are so many products now that you can get that are wheat and gluten free that it makes it easier. Of course I miss some things but it has to become a way of life now.

I suppose that calcification of the artery you speak of is speak for you have a bunged up artery. Can that be cleared with a stent?


I was diagnosed with primary APS. I was also diagnosed with gastritis, small ulcers, hiatal hernia and put onto prilosec. I had already been off from gluten for some time, but went off from dairy as well even though I had very little dairy already. i was only putting milk into tea 3 or 4 times a day.

Now my stomach is much better, and I am off from prilosec. I did eliminate citrus and tomatoes just to be cautious.

My other APs symptoms linger (burning, tingling, numbness, pain in spine), but, at least, my stomach is much better, and for that I am very thankful.

The no gluten,no dairy (also no soy) diet was advised by a doctor who advocates this for anyone diagnosed with an autoimmune condition.

Good luck to you.


Sorry to hear this Daisy,

Like many of the others I have had problems with digestion etc.

It improved a lot with Clexane but most recently I have been food combining and what a difference it has made. No indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux and some weight loss.

I think I mentioned it before on here but there is an excellent book called 'The Complete Book of Food Combining' by Kathryn Marsden. It has really helped me and it is very sensible and easy to follow.

Hope this helps



Thank you to all who replied. I have today found the book which I brought awhileago and try this.

Still waiting to see about having the shunt to clear artery!!!


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