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Popliteal Artery Occlusion

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Has anyone occluded their popliteal arteries and or have had an amputation because of this ?

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I am pretty sure we have individuals on here who have had severe symptoms involving limbs and I am sure you will get some replies. There are papers out there, let me know if you want anything linked. MaryF

No amputation, but before my diagnosis with APS ( and also before Dr Hughes documented these symptoms as APS,) I had a number of severe DVTs which were centered behind my left knee. Very painful. Treated with warfarin, heating pads and elevation. Left with varicose veins.

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Thanks I’ve always been worried that amputation could be a possibility if o lost more blood supply .

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I’ve had vein occlusions ( not arterial) in arms that have left my doctors with concerns with “future questions , albeit small concerns, of amputation.”

My vascular surgeon said if it were arterial clot ( larger vein) there would be more options to try - they could go in and deliver something like a clot buster agent just to the clot right there at the clot itself- without the risk of over anticoagulating your entire blood system.

I’m currently on rituximab, and about to add methotrexate ( injections so it doesn’t cause the nausea) to try to stop the inflammation. My rheumatologist and hematologist have me at a higher inr- because I clot through everything and and a lower inr.

My son has had this a few times. He has received in hospital care each time with clot busting drugs delivered via the occluded vein. He had surgery to close off the main femoral vein ( we have 2 in each leg), stents, filters and I’m not sure what else. No one has ever mentioned amputation.

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