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Happy Birthday Professor Graham Hughes


Happy Birthday to Prof, who is 80 today! Thank you to Suzanne J, for the lovely photos! MaryF

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In deed - Happy 80th Birthday to a wonderful man. 🎂🎁🎉🎊🎈🥂🍾

Lovely photo of him Mary, he hasn't changed since I saw him some years back. He is such a warm hearted and kind spirited person.

Have a great day Gentleman- “gentle man”


Happy birthday 🎂🎈🎈


And to think, his birthday falls on our Thanksgiving this year - I think the entire world can add Dr Graham Hughes to the list of things to always be grateful for.

A very happy birthday to Professor Hughes!


He was my Consultant until he was "retired" by the NHS. Dr Hughes was extraordinary: a humane doctor, a caring, gentleman, a wonderful clinician & researcher, but whose primary purpose was to heal the "sick".

It took Dr Hughes 18 months to diagnose me with SLE because while there is "classic" SLE, malar rash, lupus nephritis & positive ANA, not all patients present in this way. His view was always: "Listen to the patient because it is the patient who will diagnose. The doctor must listen".

I remember we were talking & said his son, was finishing his law training but couldn't recall it was called "Articles". That was in between listening for a heart murmur with pleurisy & pericarditis.

On is wall, you will see numerous international awards, including from the Middle East. Why has the UK ignored this wonderful man?

A Happy Birthday & a happy & healthy year!


Congratulations! And thanks from the West Virginian who finally got a diagnosis and an effective treatment for her decades-long APS symptoms!

A wonderful welsh man who saved my life I’ll always be so grateful to him

A very happy belated birthday to Professor Hughes and a huge thank you for all he did re APS. Where we we be without him?

Happy birthday amazing man! X

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