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There may be others like me, usual poor memory, who check their online banking and see a debit for £20 just saying GoCardless and a date (I bank with First Direct)

The debit meant nothing to me and I looked up GoCardless but it didn't help, nor their communications bot (computer says) Thankfully First direct quickley identified it as annual payment to Hughes Syndrome so it was OK. Others may see similar and wonder- now they may be reassured.

I confess I don't remember if we were told but it is suggested on the Gocardless website that such entries on our bank statements are accompanied by name of organisation/retailer. It wasn't there on my FD online account. GoCardless offer a 'search for charge' facility but there is noway I am entering most of my bank details on a website I am not familiar with and have no reason to trust.

Anyway, if you see a GoCardless charge for £20 but nothing more, chances are it is Hughes related :-)

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Was this a payment to GHIC? Yes I agree with you it should say the organisation/charity. Can you via their website flag this up to them, nobody should wonder who the payment is to? Esp with our brain fog!!

I bank with FD too, brilliant aren't they, so easy to ring and sort a problem out.

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Thanks for the info, and yes I have subsequently had a confirmation come through from the charity and that was helpful. I don't know why the charge didn't have the details of the charity on the statement, certainly the GoCardless site suggests it should and that has been the case with others bodies who have collected on behalf of a 'client'. Not sure if it is down to GoCardless or First Direct.

The problem is that fraud is so common that the appearance of an unknown (or in our case forgotten) 'agent' appearing on a statement, I suspect fraud- being ex-police I have a suspicious nature! GoCardless invite you to check the payment through their website but checking through the suspected fraudsters website is often part of the fraud and best avoided. It subsequently transpired they couldn't trace it without bank details- not a good sign!

Nevertheless, raising the issue has hopefully raised consciousness amongst our group and others finding such a debit can feel confident that it isn't a fraud.

Best wishes

to all


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Thank you Tim for a useful post, and confirmation that we all need to know this. MaryF

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