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Psoriatic Arthropathy

This is one of my diseases, so I found this interesting.



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Oh poor you, as if you have not got enough to worry about.

Article was really interesting (and I had to look up symptoms!)- I can now understand what my step Mum suffered with as she had this.

Thank you xx

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Mine has improved so much on my LDN and NDT, although when my hormones or any viruses turn up, then I get horrendous Psoriarsis, however in between these triggers, these times it does go away. I also do lots of other things alongside this including Mediterranean diet and daily exercise plus supplements.



After following your advice I started LDN in Sept 16 for thoratic outlet syndrome, which it helped - added bonus it improved my sjogrens by 60%.


Great stuff, it does also seem to help people's thyroid function a bit, so I hear on the grapevine from other users, ie if you are on thyroid medication and start on it you usually have to reduce that a little. I have been on it a long time now. MaryF