Good weekend despite APS

Good weekend despite APS

Posting a happy post today. Had a 25 year University reunion last night - I was diagnosed with APS 12 years ago and as I'd not seen most people for ages they weren't aware. Apart from not having much beer due to warfarin and being tired today after a long drive home it was great so see those friends again and jump up and down to Indie music from the 80's. My hobby is woodworking - partly to show I've not given in to warfarin - I gave up white water canoeing when diagnosed but use a lathe and sharp chisels without normally cutting myself and made a dip pen out of some ash this afternoon as an end of term present to one of my son's teachers. APS didn't really stop any fun this weekend.

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  • Thats great - well done you

  • That's way cool!!

    Our 15 year old son just tested positive- so it's nice to see men on here thriving well and being very positive male role models. Thanks for sharing! I'll show him what you crafted.

  • I remember the specialist in hospital after my diagnosis and finally getting on this treatment. He asked me what I did for fun. I told him I rode horses and motorbikes. he then asked me "Do you knit?" I told him that was for when I'm 'old'! I reluctantly sold the motorbike and the horse - bleeding to death wasn't one of my preferred ways to go ;) but other than that I don't let stuff get in the way of having a good time. I do love traveling and my current meds allow me to do that without too much hassle and walk the dog every day. Life is pretty good.

    Lovely pen, BTW!

    PS I still miss my horse and my motorbike :(

  • Great to see no real changes to life, to be honest the fact is the first six months i found activities difficult, but now just get on with it. Again well done. Dave C

  • I can remember carving a hedgehog yrs ago and a TRULY sign as that was romantic title of Lionel Richie song. It was extremely hard work but didn't poke any ones eyes out doing it.Couldn't do anything with hands nowadays but wow you brought those memories back. Full credit to your work.It's also great to reminisce

  • Good for you. MaryF

  • Wow...I'm impressed.

    We must press on..there's really no other way...hang in there!

    Aloha from Hawaii


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