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Greetings All!

I have a question, I've had problems with my lower left leg (below the knee) with breakouts... they itch the more I'm on my feet & seem that's when the breakouts get worse (irritated) this has been going on for a few months. They will not go away! I've tried everything. Now the inside of my ankle has been swelling & looks to be retaining fluid. Has this happened with anyone else? I contributed that the break out were from my sleeping habits I lay on my left side & scissor my right leg onto the left.. I assume it was caused by contact dermatitis but now I'm not sure if it is something g going on with my veins. I recently had the large vein test & all was good. Any idea why the fluid is gathering in my ankle. When I stay off my feet it seems to drain or at least go down some.

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Yes... for sure going to make Appt this week. I seen where they had released a New revision on symptoms with APS & one off new systoms were leg ulcers. I'm like you I'm hoping this isn't related to APS! I will keep an update! Thanks!

I have had what they called foot ulcers- came close to losing my left foot , but it healed finally after a lot of Dr's. I have also had the skin dry up in big hunks and peel off my feet ring to the meat that has happened twice . and the petechia from neck to ankles .

I get this reaction when I have a blood clot in the same leg. I don't get the clinical swelling, etc. I get the rash. It took some time and some convincing, and actually a doctor outside my normal practice to send me to the ER for evaluation. But now my regular doctor " gets it" and never second guesses or questions it when I tell her I have " the rash. " Once they do a doppler on it the only relief for the rash itself is by applying Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream 0.5%. I don't know if we are permitted to share that type of information. But I know your misery and hope you find relief asap.


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