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Very tired and no sleep

Helo. I am from Portugal i am 41 and i have a stroke. Doctor think i have APS, after stroke i do not have more migraines for 4 months. Week before i have a migraine with vomiting and now i go to bed at 8pm :(. I am in varfin inr interval 2-3. Anyone have this sintoms? Sorry for bad english.



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Hello, I can understand you English. I have good news for you, a medical centre named after Professor Graham Hughes, opened in Portugal, I enclose details about the doctor you need to contact - med.ub.es/MIMMUN/PERSONAL/C...

A new medical centre opened in Portugal named after Professor Hughes - Graham Hughes Centre for Autoimmune Diseases

Often as well as the Hughes Syndrome/APS you will also have tests for Vitamin D, B12 and Iron (Ferritin), and also your Thyroid looked at. Please let us know how it goes with contacting the clinic and this doctor.



Hello. Thanks for the rapid answer. Thanks for the news of the clinic center.



Hi and welcome to our friendly site!

We can understand you quite well. Do you know if your Doctor has done the 3 bloodtests required for Hughes Syndrome/APS and if they were positive? Then you should have a diagnose of Hughes Syndrome/APS.

Fantastic that MaryF has found information about the new opened center in Portugal. It can be very difficult to get this Specialist who we need very much as this illness is rare and rather new (33 year). In some countries there are very very few Doctors specialized in autoimmun illnesses.

Hope you can get in contact with that Center. I am very happy for you.

Take care and Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

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Hello. I have make the 3º test from november 2016. One positive, one negative and one wait for response. Very dificult to find doctors for that problem :(




I understand but now you can go to this Center and everything will be better for you I am quite sure.



Hi and welcome to our friendly forum.



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