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How common are Haemangiomas in Hughes Syndrome ?

When I were in my teens I had a large red mass appear on my back just below my waist line. It was a fierce purple reddish looking thing that many thought was a birthmark.

Last year it was surgically removed, to my relief I was told it was a non-malignant heamangiomas. I have since had an MRI of my spine carried out at Guys Hospital. The results of the MRI have shown further heamangiomas noted as > incidental vertebral body heamangiomas at T5 T8 T9 L1 and L2.

I am now concerned I have more of these mangiomas in other parts of my body, are they common in hughes patients ?

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Hi this is a subject that has been on here before, so I enclose that post from a few years back: A question from InSpain



Hi Mary,

Thanks for the info I shall take a look and read with interest.

I would have liked to put it forward as question of the month to our muched love Prof Hughes.

Hope you and your family are keeping well. x


I had a look through the literature and they are not very common.


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