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Two years ago I had blood tests as my period were irregular. My doctor decided to a full blood count & test for von wilebrand

The test results came back I had a high red blood cell count and my von wilebrand was high. He referred me to a hematologist but I received a phone call days later saying another doctor cancelled the referral

My periods then regulated so I decided not to worry. I then fell pregnant & lost my little boy when I was 17 weeks pregnant. After going for the post Mortum results and deciding everything was ok I've now been referred to a hematologist by my gynaecologist

In the letter it stated to avoid falling pregnant but I've already ovulated

I'm rather concerned can anyone shed any light

Thank you

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First of all let me say how sorry I am for your loss. It also must be all very confusing for you. It's really difficult for us to say what could be going on these are questions you must ask your specialist. Please call the secretary and request that they call you or make an urgent appointment for you to discuss this.

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