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Update on itchy skin continued! Some Questions!

Hi All! I hope and pray Y'All are enjoying this Holiday Season! I have some good news! I've been approved for a new leg! After an appeal the decision was overturned! So hopefully I'll be saying good bye to the pain and blisters! The itching is driving me insane! I did get these patchy things on my one foot that to me looks like Plaque Psoriasis! It's spreading and I'm trying not to go to a doctor during holiday season! They mess up too much now, like they did with my leg during holiday week 2 years ago! My liver testes were clear, which means absolutely nothing! My sister and I both will go to a Hepotologist/Liver Specialist in the new year! We both have APS and the same pain in tummy in same exact spot! By the time your liver function tests come back abnormally, it's usually too late! Hopefully the New Year, New President, will bring us good luck with our horrible healthcare system! I'd still have my leg if it weren't for The Obama Care System! I wish I cud teach our doctors more about APS! Soon I'll come to England to c someone great!!! I want to thank all of you for your help this past year, since being diagnosed with APS! Merry Christmas and a Blessed Happy & Healthy New Year! Does anyone have skin conditions due to APS? The itching and now these new patches on my one and only foot! I need that foot to keep on truckin' lol... GODSPEED

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Hi Deb,

Congratulations to your new approval first of all!

It is sad that you and your sis both have APS but you can also help eachother like you do now. I only have some red tiny dots on my lower legs.

You are such a positive inspiration for us all and I wish you and your sis a Merry Christmas and a New Year 2017 with health, happyness and a better health care system in your country!




Congrats on the new leg! I am really pleased for you. MaryF


Congrats on your new leg for a New Year, let it be another new inspiration for you. Happy Christmas to you and your Sister. X


Awe Y'All are very special people! I don't know how I wud have made it through this diagnosis without you! I only have this foot for less than two years and I wore it out! They better know that this 63 yr old don't sit still for nothing! I still go to my concerts in NYC and walked a half a mile the other day cuz there were not enuf cabs to go around! My life has changed drastically since I lost my leg, but I won't allow that to define who I am! I can still run and play with all my adopted Grandkids! That will never change! If I ever get some money, I'd love to donate a great leg to one of our Veterans who are treated so badly by our government! They only get these things thru our charities! Y'All are so very dedicated to this cause and getting the word out there to all!!! An amazing gift to all of us!!! Merry Christmas!!!

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