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A Note of Encouragement

I have not posted for a long time, but wanted to encourage all of you. My husband was diagnosed primary APS in 2003 after a stroke. He had another stroke in 2013 and at that time we started monitoring and managing at home weekly. Target INR is 35. He is a 65 year old hard working farmer and works every day. He has occasional 'dizzy spells', burning in shoulders and couple other 'pains' that come and go, but he has learned to live with it and is grateful he is able to get up and go every day. His short term memory is slightly affected but overall he does great. Our GP is main Dr. and educated himself on APS after the 2nd stroke. I pray for this group often as I see your concerns come through the emails. Praying for a better 2017 for all of you. Sincerely, Sandy from USA

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Thank you for you uplifting post, you both sound like you are doing really well, in spite of what life has thrown in your direction! MaryF


Thank you Sandy, I echo my colleague Mary's comments.



Aww bless you.hope 2017 is a healthier and kinder one for you


Thank you Sandy, that is so kind. Good Luck to you and your husband I hope life is kind to you from now on.


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