Here we go again

Here we go again

Blood takes another dive even thought warfarin dose has almost doubled

PCP office , my dear Shannon -- called up to Dartmouth in Lebanon for advice on how deal with this problem and they told her just what i told her 3 days ago when last blood was done .

Raised my warfarin again and now 80 mls of Enox next 3 days and then retest on Monday . But the way i have been feeling i don't think it will make much of a difference -- But we shall see.

I hate to get my Hemo involved because she will have to put me on these oral meds that haven't been approved for us . and being APS Triple and my other problems to boot I don;t want to stray to far from my warfarin -- I should be alright as long as i am not clotting again with the DVT in left leg -- Been awful sore the last 3 weeks.

And Guys it didn't hurt that my Hemo was on vacation and her DC that is covering for her . went by her notes and just did what i tried to do 3 weeks ago

O well we shall see . C & J

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  • Keep us posted. MaryF

  • Hang in there and keep positive! X

  • second day of new med change and shots of enox -- bad day today but at this time i an a little better --it's almost midnight -- maybe body is catching up with the meds.we will have to see what tomorrow brings .

    Thanks L

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