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Herts or Essex Rheumy?

Hi all, just wondering if anyone could recommend a good rheumatologist in the Hertfordshire, Essex or North London areas? I have connective tissue disease and antiphospholipid syndrome (but sero-negative) so ideally I'd like to see someone who is willing to accept my diagnosis without the positive blood tests! I have looked on the Hughes Syndrome and Lupus UK websites for recommended specialists but I can't see any in my area so I'm seeking personal recommendations. Thanks.

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Hi, I lived in Herts when 1st diagnosed (10 years ago now) & was referred straight to Prof. Hunt at St Thomas's, then she referred me to Dr. D'Cruz. I now live in Devon & still go to London for all my check ups.

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It is a question of the one nearest to you, unfortunately being Seronegative can be problematic with the medical profession, which is why I make sure I keep hold of any results where it shows up, which it does sometimes! MaryF

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I guess you have got your diagnose of APS on symptoms back in Australia. Do you still have symptoms?

As Mary says try to get hold of some documents from that time in Australia showing your symptoms.

Sometimes we have to travel a long way to get an Expert on this illness. But it is well worth the money it costs.

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

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Hi - Im not sure that you are going to find anyone local to you and will have to go into London. Are you expecting to find someone on the NHS or go private as this will determine what answer and advise we give.

What I can say is seronegativity does add an extra layer of difficulty. For instance I now cant advise that you even push to go to the Louise Coote Clinic at Guys as there are Doctors there that flat out do not agree with it either and its a lottery as to who you get when referred there. Sad as it is but it seems that even the so called expert unit is still biased against this condition and with the loss of Prof Khamashta there I suspect this will only get worse!

I don't know if this Doc will see you but he is always sympathetic and an extremely nice man to boot!


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