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Getting closer to figuring this out

My OB is having me wait until Jan/Feb to run the thrombophilia panel so that all pregnancy hormones will be out of my system, but in the meantime my sister had some tests run. She has PCOS and has been struggling with infertility even on medication. Her test came back positive for MTHFR. I think there is a very good chance that mine will come back positive as well. Also, the placenta report from my first will be arriving in the mail this week and will hopefully alert us to any clots. We are hopefully getting closer to an answer. I noticed there wasn't a MTHFR group on here. Do any of you have this? Did your doctor prescribe anything beyond high dose folic acid? I can not find nearly as much scientific data as I could with Hughe's Syndrome.

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Keep us in the loop, I hope you get the information you require. MaryF

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