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Results- not what I hoped for

My results came in and the tests included Beta IgG, IgM, and IgA, Phos/Serine, and Cardiolipin. Each result shows only < a number, with that number being whatever the standard is for negative. I wasn't given any actual numbers. This frustrates me because my sister was tested for PCOS after having all the symptoms and her numbers were all in normal ranges, however when they compared ratios it was obvious she was positive and she got her diagnosis. Also, I know some people are seronegative, but I really had my hopes all tied up in getting a diagnosis. I feel like unless I get that I will be too afraid to try for another baby. Is there any other conndition which causes these symptoms: early onset pre-eclampsia, IUGR babies, very small placentas, multiple miscarriages, including one at 17.5 weeks, and constant headaches? In all my google-ing this is the one condition that answers everything.

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Whether sero negative or not I would still push for a referral to one off the specialists you mentioned in your last post, viable for you to travel to from New Mexico. Test results can come and go, I know mine do. MaryF

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