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Has any members been to the "Royal National Hospital for rheumatic diseases"?

I was there in 2001 where it took the consultants over a week to find I had APS and they where the best in England and had a good understanding on how to best treat someone with APS and other diseases. if you have a understanding doctor then ask them to refer you there if your not happy with your current rheumatology department.

well ive not been there since my wife past on in 2008 who i met for the first time i was admitted to this excellent hospital which i asked my doctor to refer me back there and my appointment is this coming Wednesday!

while im writing i have another question, which i wondered if anyone had experienced too which for about 12 months or so i have been experiencing spasms which occur in my legs a bit like cramp pain but 10 times more painful, The most scary time was a spasm in my throat which only happens a few times, also my hands lock up too.

So please let me know if anyone can answer my questions.

Take care All.


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Yes, I've been there and, indeed, we hold our APS West Group meetings there too.

It has recently been taken over by the Royal United Hospital and the once, very good appointment system is now not so good. I was last seen in October last year and was told that I would be seen again in six months time. I have not had an appointment and no one has any idea when I will have one! Formerly, you were given your next appointment at the end of your previous one.



Just wondering if its the latest Hospital to fall under the semi-privatisation of the NHS!


I don't know. The RNHRD (The Mineral Water Hospital) dates back to the mid 1700s, on its site in the middle of Bath, but for how much longer?


Hi Popshaw,

Nice to hear from you again!

I have read about when they mixed up the warfarin with your father some years ago. I have had a very good response from warfarin and most of my neurological symptoms disappeared when I started warfarin. So I wonder if you now still are on that anticoagulation or some other anticoagulation drug.

I know APsnotFab wrote to you that it was important that you were on an INR high enough to protect you from microclots. I myself had a lot of problems with my Eyes. I still wonder if you have an APS-Specialist (we have found here that the Neurologists do not "get" what APS is about - that we have too thick blood) and if you are on a anticoagulation which will improve your APS?

My advice is: see an APS-specialist about the spasm and talk to him about your Eyes and I hope he/she will take some bloodsamples for other things also. Ferritin, D-vit, B-vit, calcium and T3 and T4 among others.

My best wishes to you from Kerstin in Stockholm


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