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I have just read "Sticky Blood Explained" by Kay Thackray

As this book was recommended so many times on this site, I decided I had to read it--purchased it on, and read it today. She certainly had a really tough time going through all this in her life, before she was finally diagnosed.

As I've posted before, I have APS and also Factor V Leiden, first diagnosed a year and a half ago. Diagnosed after having had DVT several times in my leg, 40 years of migraine headaches, miscarriage, spontaneous fractures in my legs and feet, torn tendons, minor heart valve problem, plus probably so many other undiagnosed symptoms in my lifetime associated with this condition of which I am now aware are a result of my APS and Factor V Leiden.

But I really consider myself very fortunate----Compared to her awful years of having all these things happen to her, and so many misdiagnoses, what I have gone through for so many years is so much less unsettling.

I was very moved by her story, and she is a very brave woman...........

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I agree it is a fantastic book! MaryF

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I just got my copy from the library. They bought it specially for me but I hope others pick it up too. Have given it to my sister so she can see why sometimes I'm a scary lady and have up and down days! Not depressed. Explains so much better than I can ever say thanks for this site and Kay s book.


Looking forward to reading this book my should be delivered by Friday this week xx


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