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Morning sorry being lazy I am now on Quinoric 200mgs which came in a plain box from the pharmacy just name etc

Am I right in thinking that Quinoric doesn't work as well as Hyrochloxychloroquine, hope so as a lot of my neurological symptoms have come back and about to email the pharmacy to tell them I want Hydroxcychloroquine not Quinoric thanks

Has there been any research than send to them too

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I have just seen below but are they talking about Quinoric not working as well


HI, glad you have seen the previous post. The drug of choice for St Thomas's is Plaquenil, as some of the other types have fillers etc, when my daughter was changed onto another brand, within 24 hours St T's had written a letter of support to my GP to get her back on the right one! MaryF


Thanks Mary, I have been to the pharmacy and hopefully get the delivered this evening, hope when I get the proper ones my symptoms will get better, I had forgotten how clumsy I was before


Hi I started on Quinoric 200mg about 3 weeks ago and am feeling much better. The box says "each tablet contains 200mg Hydroxychloroquinine sulphate as the active ingredient". So AFAIK it's the same thing?


Ok I read the small print on the leaflet and they also do contain a lot of other crap most of which I don't know what it is! maize starch, calcium hydrogen phosphate dihidrate, colloidal anhydrous silicate, polysorbate 80, purified talc, magnesium stearate, hypromellose, titanium dioxide, macrogol6000. Does anyone know if plane quail also has all this gunk in it?


Thanks Jillymo and others for their comments

These are the symptoms I am getting with the change to Quinoric

Loss energy, didn't have much before now almost every step is making me exhausted if I stand still there would be a puddle of no not urine as I am not able to go really need to concentrate

Perspiration, I have never felt like this except when I had my heart attack (due to blot clot)

Started bumping into things, getting in people way as not walking in a straight line again

Nearly vomited this am, acid stomach even though on ranitadine,will see doctor tomorrow if I don't have any luck with pharmasist, my INR id 4.0 so it's not that

Not going to take Quinoric tonight


Aw bless you, sound's like your having a rough time at the moment.

Are you on omerprazole or lansoprazole ? It help's our old tum's tolerate these med's, mention the acid and stomach issues to your Gp. I also suffer with the chronic over heating and persperation, maybe it goes hand in hand with the illness.

If your head is all over the place now is the time to write down notes to take with you, any abnormalities that are visible take photo's with a mobile.

If your prescribed the hydroxicloriquine ask your pharmacist to obtain it through a company called Zentiva.

If your pharmacy can get it in for you make sure all other repeat of this medication has zentiva printed on the side of the box...........if it has that name on the box you can be sure your being prescribed what used to be plaquinil with out all the crap and filler's.


Thank you will write notes on all the above and sort it out tomorrow,I am on ranitadine same type of drug as lansoprazole and will sit on pharmacys door step until they get it sorted.

Hydroxychloroquine was like a wonder drug to me I actually noticed the difference in 3days I wrote and thanked the Consultant


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