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Hello Everyone! Hoping Today has been a Good One!

It is Post 8 months since I was diagnosed with APS. I'm currently taking 3.5 mg of Warfin, 200mg Plaquinel, Cardio-Tex Vitamin, Liptor 20mg & Synthroid. I manage pretty good & have more good days than bad. I work full time & own a small business. I have never let this illness overcome me. The questions I have are sometimes when I get stress my head feels full & sometimes my ears ring. Does anyone else have this happen? I've made mental notes of when my head feels this way & always it seems it happens when I get stressed? Any logic reasoning for this? Because once whatever the 'stress' dissolves so does this 'Fullness'

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All I can say, is at least you notice the connection, I think stress worsens any illness, although sometimes it is the other way round, ie you feel stressed due to perhaps being ill, or a flare coming on. It sounds like you are doing really well. Keep well. MaryF


Thank You! Mary F, I'm trying to keep this illness stable!!

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As has been mentioned here, the capillaries that serve the ear are among the tiniest in the body, so tinnitus is quite common among APS patients.

And, as Mary pointed out, stress and autoimmune symptoms is a chicken or the egg question.


Yes I have been so stressed for the last mouth and mad head been fit to bust and the ring as well just glad of not got blood pressure or I would dried to think iv had APS for over a year I think put all sorts down to it good luck x


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